Have TMJ Disorder in Towson, MD? Get Effective Treatment Today!

Advances in dentistry at Toomey Dentistry in Towson MD make it easier and faster than ever for patients with TMJ disorder to reduce pain and increase jaw function.

Dr. Christopher Toomey, of Toomey Dentistry offers TMJ disorder treatment in Towson MD using night guards. As one of the top dentists in the Baltimore area, Dr. Toomey has been featured as a guest dental expert on TMJ disorders in appearances on CNN, Fox News, Bravo and MSNBC.

TMJ disorders, also known as temporomandibular joint disorders, directly affect a person’s jaw function. The temporomandibular joint is responsible for connecting the temporal bone, which forms the side of the skull, with the mandible, the lower jaw. A person suffering from a TMJ disorder may notice headaches, facial and/or neck muscle fatigue, worn teeth, gum recession, tooth pain, and difficulty opening and closing their mouth. More serious issues caused by TMJ disorders include painful jaw “popping,” jaw getting stuck in the open or closed-mouth position and even swelling on the side of the face.

As more and more people suffer from TMJ disorders, dentists are looking to more innovative and effective treatments. Teeth grinding is often one symptom a person may have with bite disharmony. It can be treated easily with a minor bite equilibration, or sometimes a specialized guard is used to relax the muscles around the jaw and face. The guard can be worn during the day, evening or at night, depending on the treatment. The guards are barely visible and are comfortable. Many patients find they are more comfortable wearing their guards, than not.

Dr. Toomey’s successful TMJ disorder treatment may include a bite equilibration, or a custom-fitting into one of three mouth guards. Every few weeks, this patient returns to Dr. Toomey to have his or her night guard adjusted, continually improving jaw function and decreasing any negative symptoms. Once the patient sees impressive improvements and lasting results, he or she is able to decrease the frequency of visits to Dr. Toomey’s local practice.

Toomey Dentistry is a well-known dental office located in Towson, Maryland. Watch an interview with one of Dr. Toomey’s patients here to see just how effective and easy his TMJ disorder treatment really is. To learn more about Toomey Dentistry and the other dental services they provide, call (410) 823-6000 today.

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