Hate Waiting for a Table at Your Favorite Restaurant? Just Finger it!

A busy weekend at Pal’s Fish Corner
Interactive Table Reservation System

Mobiles are the smarter way to live, they are changing our lives and our lifestyles.

From Banking to Bill Payments to Social Media everything is on our Mobile Phones. Taking a leap forward a Mumbai based software company, OVERTURES, has designed a table booking system for restaurants which have a long waiting for their patrons… a move that is believed to be the first in Mumbai!

This system does not need any smartphone! It works on a simple 2-way SMS communication from any mobile handset with a basic SMS feature.

So before you start from your home or while you are on your way driving up to the restaurant you can simply send an SMS and que your table. On the other hand the restaurant has a smart mobile app which runs on Android which shows them all the waiting patrons list along with the number of pax. The app has an artificial intelligence that stores history of loyal customers and customers who have booked a table but never showed up. So, based on the loyalty and track record of each customer the restaurant booking manager assigns them a table. Which means, if you are a frequent visitor of that restaurant the manager would assign you table quicker. Once your table is confirmed a confirmation SMS is sent to you on your mobile.

This system is been currently implemented at the famous Bandra restaurant ‘PALS Fish Corner’. The basic idea of this system is to save time for the restaurant management and save hassle for the customers by avoiding them to go at the reservation desk every 10 mins to check if their table is confirmed.

“The system has helped us cut down on waiting time for customers and increased customer loyalty, it helps us majorly on busy weekends where people are waiting outside for an average of 30 mins for their table,” said the owner of PALS.

The lead developer of this system, Aamir Natterwalla, Technical Director at OVERTURES said “After successful implementation of this system at PALS we intend to propose this to other fine dining restaurants in Mumbai with added features very soon!”

So the next time you are at your favorite restaurant and you have a waiting… you know what to do… JUST FINGER IT!


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