“Hanneli and Anne” is the Story of Anne Frank that is Missing from Her Diary, Soon to begin Filming

Hannah Pick-Goslar
The new film “Hanneli and Anne” picks up where the “Diary of Anne Frank” left off.

Salt Lake City, Utah – The “Diary of Anne Frank” is a story of courage, determination, faith, and loyalty that has inspired millions. The film “Hanneli and Anne” tells the true story of what happened to Anne in the prison camp.

Hannah Pick-Goslar was one of the last people to see Anne Frank alive in Bergen Belsen, concentration camp. Best friends since kindergarten, they were reunited at a barbed wire fence. Tragically, Anne died in the camp three weeks before liberation, but Hannah (Hanneli as Anne called her) survived to tell their story.

The diary ends abruptly, when Anne Frank and her family are betrayed and found hiding in the attic. But little is known about what happened to Anne and her family after they were discovered and arrested. This short docu-drama, reveals a moment in history, between two friends, who risk their lives to meet one last time.

A short video about the plans for the production made by the filmmakers, can be viewed at this link http://bit.ly/1btorPX

“This is Hanneli’s story of courage and loyalty, which shows that in spite of everything, we can keep our humanity and love towards others,” said the writer, director, and producer Sally Meyer.

“Hanneli and Anne” tells the true story of Hanneli (Hannah Pick-Goslar) and her friendship with Anne Frank. Best friends since kindergarten, Hanneli and Anne grew up together in Amsterdam. In 1940, when Holland was invaded by the Nazis, Hanneli and Anne had no idea that their lives were going to change forever.

In the summer of 1942, Anne and her family were forced into hiding. Hanneli was told that the Frank family had fled to Switzerland, and the best friends were abruptly parted. In February, 1945, Hanneli was told that her dear friend, Anne, was in the same prison camp, but on the other side of a barbed wire fence, that separated them, and not in Switzerland, as she previously thought.

Five One Films Production Company is offering a number of incentives, including an advance digital copy of the film to those who become backers of the film at http://bit.ly/1btorPX

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