HandmadebyTN shop receives exceptional customer reviews on Etsy

HandmadebyTN is a renowned shop that sells a variety of phone cases and gifts on Etsy. Launched in 2016, the shop offers more than 400 items and has been operating successfully with 18,000 plus sales since its inception. Some of the items available in the shop include; Mac Book cases, Pad & Phone cases, Diamond pen, gifts for women, liquid and custom cases. The shop believes in quality and diversity in the design of the phone cases, and customers from all across the globe have been quick to notice the amazing change this shop has brought to the handmade and fashion industry as a whole.

With its variety of products, HandmadebyTN has acknowledged how technology has come a long way as far as creating inexpensive yet appealing phone cases is a concern. Some the cases and gifts have been crafted with patience from unrefined raw materials making it a refreshing return to natural simplicity. The phone case designers understand how the society thrives on mass-produced and overly-designed products. A handcrafted wood phone case, for example; can be a refreshing change of pace as this welcomes a disruptor to the hustle of everyday life. Such products are also eco-friendly and have appealed to several customers who are environment and health-mindful.

From over 3,700 customer reviews; it’s clear that the shop has taken a keen interest in the design of versatile and unique products. Majority of the designs have been customized to suit the varying taste of consumers and to blend in that flexibility while in use For the custom cases, customers choose the raw material they want, and right from the source; the process of sculpting 8, creating something irresistible is just but a matter of mastery and high-precision craftsmanship. Durability is the other selling point of the HandmadebyTN products. Most customers are happy with the substantial quality of the cases with no incidents of damaged packages at the post.

The shop has always on the look for new trends and fashion sense in the market. The endless customization brings art and creativity to life where customers get what they really want. By blending in the contemporary and classical crafting techniques; the shop has reached out even to the most complicated and demanding customers. The phone cases have been designed for easy upkeep where light polishing and dusting as a weekly routine will always keep them sparkling.

The shop is currently giving its esteemed customers a 10% off for all the items with a free shipping for orders above $50. Handmade lifestyle products give its customers the opportunity to capture some bit of elegance in their pockets while breathing new life into their day to day activities.

In case of any queries, drop a message to handmadebytn@gmail.com.

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