Hand Saw for Survival Situations – Price Slashed on Amazon.com

SOS Hand Saw comes with 2 Mylar Thermal Blankets and a Downloadable Emergency Survival Guide
SOS Rescue Tools, a leader in Survival Gear, announces that it has drastically reduced the price of its best-selling hand saw

Palm Springs, CA – SOS Rescue Tools, a leader in Survival Gear, announces that it has drastically reduced the price of its best-selling hand saw. The saw is specifically designed to accompany campers and survivalist and works very effectively in quickly cutting wood for emergencies. With the seeming increase in natural disasters coupled with unstable economic times, these types of survival tools have made a huge impact in the American Marketplace, including on Amazon.com.

“We are so excited and grateful to be able to share our hand saw with preppers and survivalist on the Amazon Marketplace. It is so important to be prepared these days” says William Douglas, SOS Rescue Tools Executive. “The online market has spoken and confirmed our pledge to provide top quality products at prices that make sense. Now we’ve lowered our prices to expand our reach. We want the world to be prepared and there’s no better tool to start with than the hand saw we provide on Amazon.com.”

SOS Hand Saw – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HES69NS/

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZbkqcXPzqUA

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Survival Saw Fire Starting Kit (Available with 2 Mylar blankets or with 4 emergency blankets and a magnesium fire starter)


When in a life threatening outdoor emergency, there are generally 3 things to focus on finding immediately. One is shelter. Second is a source of water and lastly, you need fire. Even on a summer evening a fire can offer security and comfort. With the SOS Survival Saw, you’ll gather firewood without having to search very far which can save valuable energy.

What Amazon Customers Have To Say About The SOS Rescue Tools Hand Saw:

“This is a neat camping saw tool. I tested it (video soon to come) and it easily cut through a 2×4. The fact that it comes with 2 emergency blankets and an emergency survival guide is a good bonus too.” – Amazon Customer, SEE FULL REVIEW

“Saw this on a DIY show and thought, hey, I could use this in the yard to cut back an “out of control” lemon tree. Worked great! I cut down a few good size branches (3″ – 6″ diameter) in a matter of 20 minutes.” – Amazon Customer, SEE FULL REVIEW

SOS Rescue Tools Come With 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. SOS Rescue Tools was founded in early 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA.

SOS Rescue Tools are available exclusively on Amazon.com.


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