HAGA Unveils Top 3 Heirloom Vegetable Gardening Tips for Beginners

Non-gmo heirloom seeds for vegetable gardening
Home and Garden America gives expert advice to beginners who want to grow heirloom seeds in their vegetable gardens.

Carson City, NV – October 5, 2017 – Lots of gardeners these days enjoy growing heirloom seeds because of their fascinating colors, deep flavors, rich history and interesting varieties. However, the idea can be quite intimidating for some beginners. There’s still this misconception that heirloom varieties are tricky to grow, but Home and Garden America (HAGA) disagrees with this. Being in the heirloom seed business for years, the company has guided beginners into starting their very own heirloom vegetable gardens.

“Just because you’re a novice doesn’t mean you can’t grow heirlooms. With the right tips, anyone can successfully grow a bountiful heritage garden,” said Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America. He went on to share some surefire tips to help beginner gardeners grow heirloom seeds.

His first heirloom gardening tip is to choose easy-to-grow varieties. A common beginner mistake is starting with the wrong varieties. Most people will opt for the varieties they like without careful consideration. This often results to failure because some heirloom vegetables are simply more difficult to grow than others.

“The trick is to start small and simple so you don’t end up overwhelming yourself. Easy-to-grow vegetables like beets, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes are a good start. Maybe plant one or two veggies at first and once you’re ready to grow more, you can proceed with the others,” Mr. Harmon remarked.

The second tip is to get specific heritage varieties that suit one’s palate. As previously mentioned, the chosen varieties must be easy to grow but also highly enjoyable for the gardener.

“When it comes to flavor, heirlooms are king. There’s always a particular variety to suit every gardener’s taste. If you’ve decided to start with heirloom tomatoes, varieties such as Red Cherry and Yellow Pear are perfect for those who like sweetness, while old favorites like Red Beefsteak and Rutgers offer classic flavors that are loved by many. As you search for your ideal varieties, you’ll find that heirlooms produce the best-tasting crops that come in a vast array of characteristics and flavor profiles. Pick those that you know you will love so that gardening will even be more rewarding for you,” Mr. Harmon continued.

The third tip is to save seeds from the best crops. By annually saving heirloom seeds, beginner gardeners are not only reducing their gardening costs in the long run but also encouraging sustainability, which is an essential part of vegetable gardening.

“Heirloom seeds are great for seed saving because they are open-pollinated. This means they can keep the core traits of their parent plants so that when you grow them the next season, identical crops are produced. If you do this every year, you won’t have to purchase new seeds because you’ll always have a continuous seed supply,” Mr. Harmon further added.

With these 3 simple tips, beginners should have a nice head start in their heritage gardening journey. Gardeners can learn more about heirloom vegetable varieties at www.homeandgardenamerica.com.

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