HAGA Survival Expert Reveals the Best Doomsday Supplies for a Zombie Attack

Sturdy .30 caliber survival seeds vault for zombie preppers
An expert from Home and Garden America lists down the top doomsday supplies needed to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Carson City, NV – October 12, 2017 – Disaster and survival preparedness are a must in the prepper community, but lately, training for doomsday is becoming the norm as well. Lots of preppers are now getting ready for a possible doomsday situation—the most popular of which is a zombie attack. Naturally, this has prompted a higher demand for the best doomsday supplies in case of a zombie emergency.

From an expert point of view, it’s only normal for serious preppers to consider doomsday settings. “There’s nothing wrong with being ready for every potential scenario. If you’re already equipped for an impending disaster or unexpected survival situation, it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile and be zombie-ready as well,” said a survival expert from Home and Garden America.

To survive a potential zombie apocalypse, the right gear should be carried at all times. The Home and Garden America expert listed down the top 11 items that every doomsday prepper should have in their bug out bag:

• First aid kit – for treating cuts and lacerations sustained while escaping the undead
• Weapons – machetes, hatchets or even an aluminum baseball bat can help ward off the zombies
• Survival tools – utility knives, flashlights, battery-powered radio, duct tape, etc.
• Gas masks – to protect from infections, facial bites, chemical agents and the smell of dead bodies
• Map and compass – to easily navigate the area and find good hideouts and bodies of water
• Water filter kit – to purify water for safe drinking and sanitation purposes
• Food – non-perishable items that are canned, dehydrated or freeze-dried
• Survival seeds kit – to access nutritious foods either by sprouting or planting quick-to-grow crops
• Fire starter – flint and steel and lots of lightproof matches are needed to make fire for cooking or staying warm
• Shelter – tarps, tents or a DIY shelter are good options
• Clothing and beddings – bring blankets and sets of clothes that protect against zombies

The list might seem long but a good prepper should be able to fit all these items into one survival backpack. “You need to have every item on the list but make sure your bag is still easy to carry around. Remember, you’ll be running from one place to another to evade the zombies, so mobility is very important,” reminded the expert.

Apart from securing the best doomsday supplies, some essential survival skills are needed too. A true doomsday prepper should know how to use weapons effectively, hunt game, start a fire, pick locks, treat wounds, grow fresh food, make crude shelters, improvise in any survival situation, and most importantly, escape a deadly zombie attack.

“Having the right gear without the right skills would just be pointless, so be sure you’re physically and mentally prepared more than anything else,” the survival expert further remarked.

With the proper doomsday supplies and zombie survival skills, escaping the undead no longer seems impossible. More information on the topic is available at the Home and Garden America website.

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