HAGA Gives 3 Reasons Why Organic Gardeners Prefer Heirloom Non GMO Seeds

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According to Home and Garden America, lots of organic gardeners now use heirloom non gmo seeds because they’re safe from genetic modification, ideal for seed saving, and packed with the best flavors.

Carson City, NV – October 3, 2017 – Ask some organic gardeners about the type of seeds they use and heirloom non gmo seeds will surely come up. Heirloom non gmo seeds embody the essence of organic gardening, which is why they are planted in so many vegetable gardens today. Gardeners nowadays want to be certain that they’re growing the best-tasting, GMO-free crops—hence the reason for the increasing popularity of heirloom non gmo seeds.

Now, one may wonder what makes heirloom non gmo seeds suitable for organic gardening. An expert from Home and Garden America (HAGA) breaks it down by explaining the value of heirloom seeds and non gmo seeds, and how beneficial they are when combined.

“Heirloom seeds are treasured because they have been passed down from generation to generation for at least 50 years. Some of them even date back to 100, 200 or even 300 years—that’s how valuable and adaptable they are! And the fact that they’re still around today makes them all the more special to grow,” said the HAGA expert.

“Since they have been saved for centuries when modern science and human manipulation didn’t exist yet, heirlooms are therefore guaranteed GMO-free. So technically speaking, heirloom seeds are actually non gmo, but not all non gmo seeds are heirloom. Non gmo simply means the seeds are not genetically modified but the varieties are not necessarily of the heirloom variety, so if you only grow a plain non gmo seed, then you’re really missing out on the amazing flavors that heirlooms have to offer. This is why heirloom non gmo seeds are highly recommended for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds,” he continued.

The expert goes on to reveal the top 3 reasons why heirloom non gmo seeds are now preferred by many organic gardeners. The first reason is being safe from genetic modification, as previously mentioned. In organic gardening, there’s great emphasis on using sustainable and natural means to grow food. Since the seeds have not been altered to build resistance to pest and diseases, then gardeners are can plant in peace knowing their homegrown produce are all-natural.

The second reason to favor heirloom non gmo seeds is because they are open-pollinated. This means that the seeds will breed true and produce plants that retain the core traits of their parents. Because they are able to keep the same characteristics, open-pollinated seeds can be preserved from generation to generation, making them ideal for seed saving.

“This open-pollinated quality is exactly why heirloom non gmo varieties still exist to this day. Since heirloom non gmo seeds are also open-pollinated, gardeners can easily save them and created an unlimited supply of seeds for the succeeding seasons. Buying new seed packs will no longer be necessary, helping organic gardeners save money and become more sustainable as well,” the HAGA expert remarked.

Finally, the third reason to grow heirloom non gmo varieties is for depth of flavor. Heirlooms are not just cherished for their interesting colors, shapes and sizes but more importantly for their impressive flavor profiles.

“Take heirloom tomatoes for example. Heirloom tomatoes alone offer a wide range of flavors: sweet, juicy, meaty, salty, creamy, deep, rich, earthy, smoky, tangy, chocolatey—you name it. The flavor options are endless, and this is true for all the other heirloom varieties. Heirlooms simply offer the best-tasting crops, making it organic gardening much more fun and rewarding,” the expert further added.

Safe, sustainable and flavorful—these are the remarkable benefits of growing heirloom non gmo seeds. Those who haven’t tried them yet can always start by getting the right pack of seeds.

For more information, organic gardeners can visit the Home and Garden America page.

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