HAGA & DIY Idea Center’s Heirloom Survival Seeds Giveaway to End on August 13

Participants are encouraged to join the heirloom seeds vault giveaway now before the contest concludes on August 13th.

Carson City, NV – August 7, 2017 – Earlier this week, Home and Garden America (HAGA) announced a special giveaway in partnership with DIY Idea Center. The said contest officially opened on Monday, July 31st, which thrilled many organic gardeners and survival enthusiasts who were highly anticipating the event to win a free heirloom seeds vault from HAGA.

The giveaway is set to last for 13 days, ending on the 13th of August at 11:59:59 PM, Eastern Time. This promo period will give participants enough time to join the contest and submit their entries, which can be submitted up to 5 times a day.

A spokesperson from HAGA advises contestants to use the extended promo period and the maximum number of daily entries to their full advantage.

“The probability of being selected as the lucky winner will be a lot higher if you diligently enter the contest daily,” said the spokesperson. “Since you can enter a maximum of 5 times per day, you can accumulate a total of 65 entries if you do this until the 13th of August. It will definitely help increase your chances of winning our Complete Survival Seeds Vault!” He suggested.

The coveted prize is a complete survival seeds vault that contains 105 varieties of heirloom vegetable, fruit and herb seeds. Valued at $89.99, it is a useful kit for growing a survival garden that can feed a family when resources are scarce especially in a disaster situation.

“Our heirloom seeds are protected by a .30 caliber ammo box with an O-ring seal and a double locking feature. This keeps air and moisture from penetrating the seeds. With proper storage, you can count on our survival seed vault to last for years and secure your family’s food supply for the coming disasters,” said the company spokesperson.

Aside from survival preparedness, the seed vault is also suitable for home gardening, homesteading and farming. Many people use the heirloom seeds to grow fresh and nutritious food for their families, which encourages sustainability and saving money at the same time.

With such a valuable prize up for grabs, survival and gardening enthusiasts have been sending multiple entries since Monday. Hundreds upon hundreds of entries have already been received by DIY Idea Center, and the numbers are expected to go even higher as the contest goes on in the following weeks.

“Anyone who’s above 18 years of age and residing within the continental U.S. are welcome! Just go to the official giveaway page to submit your entry. Do keep in mind that the more entries you send, the better your chances of winning—so be sure to enter as often as you can!” The HAGA spokesperson further advised.

Interested participants can get the full instructions and enter the heirloom survival seeds giveaway at DIYIdeaCenter.com.

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