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Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi, IIM Calcutta Allumus
Best Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata brings the Best Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata from IIM Calcutta Allumus.Taking our well-tasted training formula to many renowned institutes such as IIT, Kharagpur, University of Montpellier, France, Army Institute of Management, Kolkata trained and placed most of the students in last many years of operation.

While delivering training to many of Extensive Ideas Academy the one thing that they saw in common is a desire to get a reliable and guaranteed career. And they couldn’t think of anything other than Digital Marketing. The reason behind this explained by these statistics:

For 61% businesses higher organic presence is the priority.

Highest average domain authority in Media and Publishing is Moz with 86.

Half of all small businesses work with a basic understanding of SEO.

In Q3 2017 91% of website traffic generated by Google. “Merkle”

Half of all Digital Marketeers in 2017 still consider On-Page SEO as most important and effective part of SEO.

One-Third of All Marketing Experts Believe Link Building is the most arduous and challenging job.

Web Security stands as the most crucial factor. As half of all Google’s First Page ranked sites has https.

Global Marketing Share Percentage from Google is 77% as of April 2017.

Mobile Search generating sales connects to 18% of local searches.

With these statistics, we can easily understand there is a vast need for well-trained professionals in Digital Marketing.

What is your career path in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketers are working as a source of Bread and Butter for Millions of businesses across the world for last one decade. With the changing market, they have seen many companies come and go, but companies have to work with digital marketing. The primary reason is its easy availability and higher performance-driven systems. Digital Marketers deals with the following areas:

1. Search Engine Optimisation
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Pay Per click marketing
4. Digital analysis of businesses
5. Competitive based marketing
6. Content Marketing
7. Video Marketing
8. Affiliate Marketing
9. Email Marketing
10. Audio Search Optimization

Each field brings scope for businesses to explore and digital marketers to explore for job opportunities. People with primary qualification can also enter in this industry and gradually grow with experience and parallel education. The scope of continuous training certifications in this field also has many options. The constant learning process not only increases the knowledge of digital marketers but also helps build a knowledge ecosystem for businesses where they work.

As we see through the technologies that one need to know to enter the industry the job that comes with them have a good salary offering as well. Due to its nature of bringing business from the very first day, SEM stands out with the highest package as I have seen followed by others. An approximate salary range that we see in industry trade wise under digital marketing give below.

An Email Marketing Professional can expect to earn in between 50,000 to 100000 per month.

A Social Media Marketeers monthly earnings potential could go up to 40,000-80,000.

A fresher SEO Executives can start at Rs 15,000 – 20,000 per month. And an experienced Search Optimizer could expect to earn between 25000-50000 per month.

As already said SEM is the Performance driven field. Considering that it’s monthly salary could range between
50,000-150,000 per month.

A content Marketing professional can expect to earn in between 25,000 – 50,000 Per Month. But there is no boundary to a proper writers payment that I have seen in the ranging up to hundreds of thousands per month.

While a Digital Marketing Manager’s earning could range between Rs 50,000 – 2,00,000. He operates with a liability to deliver in every other aspect that comes under it.

What is so unique in Digital Marketing?

It not only relieves a marketer from reaching customers without a pre-reach strategy, but it also helps remove the most arduous job of field marketing. Today’s technology-driven marketing plans that mostly run on digital platforms work with a data set of user behaviour on everything. Today’s digital marketers work by using Artificial Intelligence and many other technologies to build a buyer personna and then target them with Re-Targeting adds creating interest and ultimately generate the sales. Marketing has changed forever due to the availability of data and analysis of data using data science.

Extensive Ideas Academy train students with latest in the industry and prepare them for the most challenging jobs that come in every section of digital marketing. The well-crafted course curriculum from IIM, Calcutta Alumnus helped many get their dream job and achieve the success that is elusive for most students even after completing BTech, MBA and many other such courses.

Taking our well-tasted training formula to many renowned institutes such as IIT, Kharagpur, University of Montpellier, France, Army Institute of Management, Kolkata they have trained and placed most of their students in last many years of operation.

With Million Times Viewed writer helping build the curriculum and provide live training to students, many secret techniques of advanced content writing and marketing is covered in their Digital Marketing Course.

Extensive Ideas Academy help students to go through their Google, Facebook, Hubspot Certifications. With that, they are the only institute providing Internship based training. It means the day’s student enrols with them they are on an internship and gradually as they complete the course and certifications their Internship also matures to a certifiable duration. The Internship Certification empowered with industry certifications students leave with an assured career and wealth of knowledge to back them forever in their future life.

Students build an ecosystem of any institute. So, whenever they face any problem while working, they are provided with knowledge-based support and guidance. While institutes blog also caters to them the latest in technology space.

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