Gric Coin private sale, with up to 20 percent discount

Today, 6th September, Gric coin, announces Gric coin private sale at 0.004 Usd for about 7000000 available ico’s and about 10, 000,000 000 GC’s. The private sale also offers a 20 percent discount. This Presale is slated to last for the next 26 days and is available for as many interested investors as possible.

With a lot of projects geared towards Agriculture, Gric coin is the cryptocurrency with a true Future. It is a De-centralized open currency, focused on Agricultural industries. A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency, designed to work as a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrencies are used mainly to buy goods, for investments, for mining purposes and as a method of payments for business.

Several people have made millions from investing in Cryptocurrencies around the world, and most people consider Crypto investments more promising than mainstream investments. While this is very true, it is important to invest in coins with a lot of potentials and the ability to stay relevant for as long as possible. Gric coin is not another mere cryptocurrency. It is a lifetime opportunity. Food is life and Life itself relies on Food. The relevance of Agriculture cannot be overemphasized. Projects like the purchase of a 1000 acre of farmland, to set up a farm and processing factory. Intended to process and designed to supply the never-ending food demand across several continents, go on to show GC’S Potential. In addition to that by the year, 2020 Gric coin would be accepted as a means of payment in several other equally relevant and rapidly growing sectors and businesses worldwide.

The benefits of investing in Gric coin are endless. You would not only earn good returns on your investment, you would also be investing in the future of Agriculture. Every year, Gric coin holders would receive 20 % of the Gric coin project net profit.

As the popular saying “The early bird eats the worm” we want you to know that delay is dangerous. And the “Early believers in Gric coin, earn a special bonus from private sales”.

About Gric Coin

With a vision to create a decentralized open- source currency before the end of 2019, that is focused on improving agricultural practice and increase Agricultural output globally, Gric coin is Fraud resistant, instant, based on trust, Convenient and has zero to low fees. There are several projects involving Gric coin at the moment, they include The Farm and Blockchain Project, The Gric Coin Utility Project and The Gric Coin Adoption project.

It is relieving and resting to know that a Coin that cares so much about its investors is finally here. Don’t hesitate to visit this website, to take advantage of this private sale at such a fantastic prize and yet numerous advantages.


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