Green Energy PR Commuters Can Get Green Ride Home

Imagine being able to turn your briefcase into an eco-friendly vehicle. Sound like sci-fi? More like ‘earth friendly reality’ thanks to inventors at Green Energy Motors Corp. They are ready to launch your new best friend for the daily commute. Meet the COMMUTE-CASE™.

This battery powered vehicle (think stand-on scooter for grown-ups) is about the size of a large briefcase when folded. This is a stand on (there’s no seat.) vehicle. Weighing in at just 24 lbs, the compact size and efficiency make it the perfect “take along” vehicle for anyone on the go. Some big benefits include: no gas, no emissions, no gridlock, and no hunting or paying for parking.

Mr. Arnold Sharkan, inventor of the COMMUTE-CASE™ and President of Green Energy Motors Corp explains, “I am passionate about bringing to market innovative consumer products that positively impact our lives while minimizing our carbon footprint.” The new COMMUTE-CASE™ can be used to get to and from the train or to a friend’s house in minutes. The clever COMMUTE-CASE™ can move you one mile in just five minutes; it has a 25 mile range on a single charge. It also folds easily to briefcase size making it easy to stow for transit on the train, bus or subway. With a top speed of 12.5 MPH there are clever/functional design features like a USB connection for smart phone charging, battery indicator and even a cup holder. It uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery with quick connect/disconnect feature enabling the user to recharge in any standard office or home AC outlet. Safety features include built in LED front and rear lights, and a manual brake for better user control.

Thanks to savvy power of this global funding campaign and recent technological advancements this long-time dream is becoming reality. As Sharkan explains, “Technological improvements in batteries and electric motors allow for the COMMMUTE-CASE™ to be feasible. … Your contribution will allow us to finalize the prototyping stage and prepare for mass production.” The goal is to raise $150,000 and finalize the prototype for production.With the new Indiegogo crowd-sourced funding campaign people in the US and around the world can snap up a COMMUTE-CASE™ for less than half its normal retail price ($999 vs. $2,995+ USD).

Check out the campaign for pictures of how the prototype works and all the amazing perks available. This is a limited time campaign so do not miss your chance. Once this month-long special Indiegogo promotion ends, the COMMUTE-CASE™ will only be available on the Green Energy Motors web site (for full price).

There are some truly practical perks for donations – even pick from one of 8 jazzy colours. For just $1(US) donation you can become an honorary member of their “Rid’in my Briefcase around Town”, “Support a clean planet now”, world-wide crowd funding crew! Who knew saving both your legs and the planet could be so easy? For $29 you can get a foldable shopping bag for picking up things at the market, and for just $79 you can get a very high mounted extra bright light for enhanced night safety (use is always optional). Can’t donate but still want to go green? Share the campaign links below with all your international and local colleagues, family and friends via social media. Every click gets the COMMUTE-CASE™ closer to production.

Indiegogo campaign   You Tube

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