Great Safari expedition presents exciting packages to explore Safari tours, beaches and other popular places in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Great Safari Expedition is a Safari tours travel company with a specialized focus on Tanzania that offers a variety of packages to explore the beautiful Safaris in the most breathtaking national parks in Tanzania e.g Serengeti, moving sand in Ngorongoro crater, and underrated island of Zanzibar, Pemba and there surrounding. The travel company offers camping safaris and lodge safaris in 4×4 vehicles with highly experienced drivers and guides. They can help any new or experienced traveler explore the best of Tanzania and plan their travel with day trips, balloon safaris, hiking, boat trips and cultural excursions. Some of the other activities included in various packages are climbs on Mt. Kilimanjaro via Marangu, Machame, Lemosho or Rongai routes with skilled and experienced mountain teams and quality equipment.

Great Safari Expedition also organizes climbs on Mt. Meru, private trekking tours in the Ngorongoro Conservation area, adventure safari expeditions, special interest safaris such as birding, beach holidays on Tanzania’s coastline and on the islands of Zanzibar, Mafia, and Pemba. The private and custom tailored safari expeditions offered by the company allows the guests to plan their trip as per their needs. The company has kept its main focus on the island of Zanzibar and helps the tourists in exploring the best of it through its variety of packages.

Until the unification in 1964, Zanzibar was a different country and the difference can still be seen in its culture, people, and heritage. The people have their unique history and culture which is influenced by the Portugues, Omani, Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Phonecians, Indians, Chinese, Persians, Dutch and English traders. The island is covered with white sandy beaches filled with palm trees. Stone Town, A UNESCO world heritage site is the old quarter of Zanzibar town, the largest population center on Unguja island.

Great Safari Expedition organizes planned tours to the Stone town where the tourist can walk through the narrow streets forming a maze-like structure that provide a quick glimpse of the history and culture of the island. The architecture reflects Arab and Indian influence while the mosques, bazaars, palaces, and shops add to the unique charm of the beautiful city.

Another attraction of the Zanzibar island is Kizimkazi that boasts of its lively population of dolphins and historic mosques. Of course, while visiting an island, hitting the beach is a must and Zanzibar is covered with at least 25 stretches of beautiful white sand where the tourists can also get engaged in various activities such as sunbathing and snorkeling in the clear waters of the Indian ocean.

Great Safari Expedition offers a variety of packages to fit the needs of different travelers. More information about the same can be found at



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