Grammar Chic: Job Seekers Need to Follow Key Resume Strategies for Startup Company Positions

Grammar Chic sheds light on how startup companies may view job seekers from a different perspective and be looking for specific skill sets.

The job market itself is already competitive, but it can become even more so for individuals looking to break into a role with a startup business. Unlike well-known corporations or those that have been in business for decades, startups are often more particular about who they choose to fill open roles. After all, these are the individuals they are entrusting with helping to launch their business and promote growth. Grammar Chic shares insight on how job seekers can better tailor their resumes to the startup market.

“You have to show startup companies that you are at the top of your game and can generate results,” says Amanda Clark, CEO of Grammar Chic. “That means doing your research and learning more about what the business’ vision and mission are, carefully reading the job description, and demonstrating your value quickly and clearly.”

Clark encourages individuals to leverage their diversity of experience. Showing successes working for well-known companies as well as smaller businesses or non-profits conveys adaptability. Working for a notable business gives some credibility, but being engaged with something smaller and driving results shows determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

Diverse skill sets can also be highlighted through a solid list of core competencies and strong summary. Job seekers should look to the job description to see which skills the company puts the most emphasis on and go from there. In addition to matching keywords, also add a few that show potential and what additional talent is brought to the table that could benefit the company. Working at a startup often requires employees to wear multiple hats and be flexible with job responsibilities.

“Measurable accomplishments are another strong suit to have for your resume,” says Clark. “Employers like to see quantifiable results because they provide a clearer picture of what you have achieved. It can also show your determination in reaching goals and creating change – which is important for a startup that is still establishing itself.”

Candidates should also convey that they are well-rounded and up-to-date with the industry. This can be done through engaging in professional conversations on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or industry sites. Start an online profile that has links to work samples, published articles, and other relevant information that can expand upon what an employer would learn from the resume.

“It’s impossible to check every single box and create a resume that encompasses everything a startup might possibly want, but job seekers can position themselves in a way that gains positive attention and entices a potential employer to want to learn more,” notes Clark. “By hitting on some of the key points startups are most interested in, it can generate interest and set candidates apart from other applicants.”

Grammar Chic offers a variety of services for job seekers including resume writing, cover letters, thank you notes, and LinkedIn updating to make a stronger impression and increase the chances of landing an interview. To learn more about these services, contact Grammar Chic at (803) 831-7444 or Grammar Chic can be visited online at or


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