Grammar Chic, Inc. Warns Against Lying on a Resume

The resume writing team at Grammar Chic, Inc. warns against professional dishonesty.

Digital communication technology makes it easier than ever before to research and authenticate claims—whether those are claims made about a product, a company, or even a job candidate. For this reason, honesty and transparency are more important than ever before, including on resumes and other pieces of personal marketing collateral. In a new statement to the press, the resume writing team at Grammar Chic, Inc. highlights the extreme importance of honesty in a professional setting.

“If you lie on a resume, the odds are good that you will be caught—and that the consequences will be dire,” affirms Amanda E. Clark, CEO of Grammar Chic, Inc. “For proof, look no further than to the case of Steve Masiello.” Masiello’s case is a strong reminder of the importance of resume honesty—and the ubiquity of background checks. The basketball coach was thought to be one of the most coveted in the NCAA when he was recruited by the University of South Florida earlier this year. When a background check revealed significant falsehoods on his resume, however, Masiello was left with an uncertain future—his USF contract being negated, and his previous employer suspending him.

“There are innumerable tools that employers and recruiters can use to look into your background and to validate—or invalidate—claims made on your resume,” Clark comments. “Given how competitive most positions are, these days, it goes without saying that employers are going to have little patience for outright dishonesty.”

More than being just risky, lying on a resume is also unnecessary, Clark says. “No matter what kind of background you have—no matter how much or how little experience—there are steps you can take to present yourself as a desirable job candidate, without needing to obscure the truth.”

Clark continues, “A resume is a piece of marketing collateral, providing job seekers with the opportunity to create their own personal brands. By highlighting your skills and experiences in a strategic and persuasive way, you can establish your brand as a brand of choice among hiring managers and recruiters. That’s what a strong resume is all about.”

Writing a compelling resume is easier said than done, but Clark and her team offer solutions. “Our passion is to help job seekers market themselves in the most powerful way possible,” she says. “We can take your career narrative and turn it into a truly effective piece of personal marketing—ensuring that you attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.”

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