Grammar Chic, Inc. Shares Tips for Trust-Building Content Marketing

The content marketing professionals from Grammar Chic, Inc. reveal some tips for building trust through online content creation.

For today’s consumer, choice is plentiful. The individual seeking a local plumbing company needs only turn to Google to find dozens, if not hundreds, of options, all listed on search engine results pages; the same holds true for local dental practices, financial planners, and consumer services of all kinds. What businesses must do, then, is distinguish themselves from the rest—and one way to do this is to build trust. In a new statement to the press, the team from Grammar Chic, Inc. reveals how content marketing can be used to accomplish this.

“Customers want to know that your business is authoritative, knowledgeable, competent, and eager to help,” remarks Josh Hurst, the Content Marketing Strategist for Grammar Chic, Inc. “Original and informative content can be published to show that, indeed, your business has the resources and the will to provide a meaningful service.”

Hurst says that this process starts with buyer personas. “Before you position your brand as the solution to a consumer’s problem, you need to know exactly what that problem is,” he says. “This means creating some customer profiles, and trying to determine what value you can offer that will speak to your consumers.”

Additionally, Hurst says that content marketing can best create trust when it is positioned in the right place. “Where you share content is important,” he explains. “If you want to cultivate trust, you need to meet consumers where they are.” Hurst says that B2B companies might benefit the most from LinkedIn and Twitter content, whereas a clothing store might fare well on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Grammar Chic strategist goes on to caution against too much overt promotion. “While it may be effective to let customers know about promotions and sales, too much promotion can hinder your efforts at building trust,” he says. “Content marketing is about offering value, not just advertising around the clock.”

Finally, Hurst encourages companies to make their content marketing accessible. “Make it easy for people to find you and connect on social media, and don’t put too much content behind a gate,” he says.

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