Grammar Chic, Inc. Illuminates Content Marketing Client Process

The content marketing team at Grammar Chic, Inc. gives business owners an indication of what it is like to work with a professional CM team.

As small business owners become increasingly aware of content marketing’s significance—of the need to build consumer trust and engagement across such channels as blogging and social media—more and more of them are recruiting professional content marketing firms. A professional marketing group can not only provide superlative results, but they can do so efficiently, freeing up the business owner’s time to focus on the core competencies of the actual business. For some, however, a question remains: What exactly is it like to become a client for a professional content marketing firm? The content marketing team at Grammar Chic, Inc. reveals the answer in a new statement to the press.

“Basically, we try to keep the entire process as hands-off as we can for our small business clients,” notes Josh Hurst, Grammar Chic’s Content Marketing Strategist. “Our role is to take the day-to-day concerns of content marketing off the hands of our clients, allowing them to focus on other things. At the same time, all of our content marketing campaigns are customized to meet the needs and objectives of the brands we’re working with, so we do need to take a little bit of time to get to know those brands.”

As such, the first stage in the process is a Strategy Call with Hurst and one of the Grammar Chic writers. “One of our writers will be assigned to work with your business, and we’ll spend just a few minutes on the phone gathering information about your company,” Hurst comments. “This is mostly a time for the business owner to tell us about the business, and to reveal his or her content marketing goals.”

Using the information gleaned during this phone call—as well as some additional research into the industry in question—the Grammar Chic team will then create content that reflects the brand’s identity and mission. “We’ll develop content that represents the voice of your company, and helps fulfill your content marketing goals,” affirms Hurst.

This content may then be offered to the client for review. “We are happy to allow you to review and to propose edits or revisions, but we are just as happy to make the process hands-off for you, simply posting content ourselves,” comments Hurst.

Crucially, content marketing is not a one-time action but an ongoing process. “We ensure that our clients are kept well-informed about what we are doing on their behalf,” Hurst says. “We provide regular data and reporting to show that we are getting results, and we are always happy to meet with clients to discuss the progress being made. Additionally, we tweak the process as needed, always striving to more accurately reflect the client’s brand and to truly engage online customers.”

The process all begins with a consultation, which the Grammar Chic, Inc. team offers for free. More information about the company and its services can be found at


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