Grammar Chic, Inc. Highlights the Need for Style in Digital Content Writing

Grammar Chic, Inc. explains why style is an important—if oft-neglected—ingredient on online content writing.

Written content is pivotal to any online marketing endeavor—including search engine optimization. Its importance often causes it to be discussed in purely functional terms—but according to Grammar Chic, Inc., there’s another aspect of content writing that all too often goes neglected. That aspect is style. In a new statement to the press, Grammar Chic, Inc. explains what style is, and why it matters.

“You can write content that’s grammatically sturdy and SEO-enriched, and it can still miss the mark,” says Amanda Clark, Editor in Chief of Grammar Chic. “That’s because it doesn’t form an emotional connection with the reader; it doesn’t lead to trust or increase your brand’s appeal. To accomplish those goals, you have to write with real style.”

Style, according to a recent Marketing Landarticle, is “a way of communicating.” According to Clark, it encompasses a range of concerns. “Vocabulary choice, level of formality, voice, even the length of your sentences—all of these things contribute to your style,” she notes.

Writing content with a certain style has many practical benefits. In some cases, it creates trust. “If you were writing copy about a highly technical product, and wanted your readers to know that they could trust your expertise, you wouldn’t be casual or glib,” Clark says. “You’d pick a more formal style.”

Style can also help a piece of content resonate with its readers. “When writing copy for a parenting blog, for example, a warm and informal approach tends to work better than a sterile and calculating one,” remarks Clark. “It facilitates an emotional connection, and makes the reader truly receptive to your message.”

A final benefit of stylish writing is that it can have an aesthetic appeal all its own. Marketing Land says, “A great piece of art cuts through the ordinariness of life and makes us take notice. Even better, it causes us to think differently about the world. In a very real sense, the goal of a marketer is to ‘change the world’ of the prospects, to open them to considering an approach, solution, convenience or tool that would make their life different and to envision the better world that will result.”

In other words, Clark says, style can make all the difference between marketing copy that’s merely functional, and marketing copy that changes a reader’s feelings toward the product or service in question. “It’s the catalyst for emotional connectivity,” she notes. “When writing any kind of marketing copy, it’s imperative to be mindful not just of the literal definition of your words, but also the style they convey.”

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