Grammar Chic, Inc. Addresses Common Objections to Business Blogging

The content marketing professionals at Grammar Chic, Inc. respond to some common objections to business blogging.

The Internet is so cluttered with articles about business blogging—and business blogs themselves can seem so numerous—that it is sometimes easy to assume that every company has taken up blogging as a fundamental form of content marketing. The reality is that innumerable businesses remain that have yet to launch their own blogs—for a number of reasons. In a new statement to the press, the content marketing team at Grammar Chic, Inc. responds to some of these reasons, and illuminates why business blogging is ultimately a non-negotiable in today’s world.

“The Internet has empowered consumers to try to solve their own problems, using search engines and social media sites to track down solutions to whatever challenges they are facing,” comments Grammar Chic, Inc. CEO Amanda E. Clark. “It is imperative that your company be on the list of potential solutions, which means businesses need to have informative and highly visible content out there—and that begins with a blog.”

Important though blogging may be—and ubiquitous though it may sometimes seem—blogging has hardly been uniformly adopted. A recent article illuminates this. “At this point in The Age of the Customer, many people would think that defining a blog is an elementary task tantamount to explaining the wheel,” the article suggests. “But here in the real world, where Main Street small businesses live, some folks actually still have un-Tweeted thoughts. Consequently, since a blog for most small businesses is at once a powerful yet under-used customer connection tool, perhaps a little background and illumination would be beneficial.”

If blogs are indeed “powerful yet under-used,” what are some of the reasons why business owners are reluctant? Clark says that one reason is a simple lack of understanding about what business blogging really encompasses. “Business owners sometimes have a hard time imagining what they can say about their products or services to fill a weekly or even monthly blog quota,” she remarks. “The important thing to note is that a business blog is not really meant to advertise, but rather to educate, inform, and engage customers—and all companies have the capacity for that.”

The article makes similar points, noting that all small business owners are by default experts in their field, and customers want access to insider expertise—making business blogging something that is well within the reach of any business owner.

Clark singles out two additional reasons why business owners do not invest in blogging—because they do not think they are sufficiently talented writers, or because they do not have sufficient time. “To be sure, quality writing matters, and that can be an investment of time,” she notes. “This is not a reason not to blog, however, but rather it is a fine reason to outsource the blogging to a professional content marketing company—ensuring your business gets the benefits of blogging without having to invest the time.”

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