Grace Cloyd Launches Book on Astrology and Numerology

Author Grace Cloyd unveiled her book, The Life By SoulTM System – Book One

San Jose, CA, USA – April 11, 2018 – Grace Cloyd is thrilled to announce the relaunch of her book, The Life By Soul System – Book One – The Basics and Combinations on The Life By Soul System is considered a mélange of two different studies, Astrology and Numerology. Many people consider these two disciplines pragmatic and accessible in everyday life.

The author took an interest in both fields while she was a college freshman in Belmont, California. Grace discovered an alternative bookstore near her school where she tried to find answers to questions regarding Astrology and Numerology. Cloyd’s initial visit to the new-age bookshop started an academic and spiritual journey more than two decades ago that continues to this moment.

Book One is an introduction and serves as an easy vehicle for readers to understand the topics faster. The writer used a conversational approach with candid and amusing tone in presenting her ideas. Anybody who reads “The Life By Soul System” will find it simple to distinguish his or her distinct traits, adopt self-expression, and progress in life with a genuine persona.

For many people, Astrology and Numerology can be complicated and overwhelming. Others are doubters when it comes to horoscopes, celestial numbers, symbols, and mystical relationships. However, some individuals want more profound insights into their lives. This book is for them.

Grace Cloyd embarked on her studies in Latin Numerology and moved to Western Astrology through that unique bookstore. She became familiar with drafting charts and learned about houses, signs, and planets. After 10 years, she was introduced to Tarot or card-reading.

At some point in her life, Grace experienced severe health conditions that led to acute depression. That was the time she returned to her Astrology and Numerology graphs hoping to figure out what was happening. She found out the two studies can work together.

After diagnosis and recovery from her health challenges, Grace began sharing this discovery with family members, peers, and other interested persons. Through her experiments as well as development programs, Grace built a practice of instinctive numeric astrology which became the foundation of her advocacy.

In Book One, readers will become adept in learning about their Western Astrological Sun Signs and compute their Latin Numerological Life Path Numbers. They can combine the two to come to their Life By Soul base combination. At the same time, readers uncover the fundamentals of the 12 Western Astrology symbols along with 9 core numbers and 9 master numbers in Latin Numerology. Reading this book creates a solid basis for anyone to become more knowledgeable about the System in Grace’s future books.

The passion of Grace Cloyd for the last few years is to develop and share ‘The Life By Soul System.’ It has been full of enjoyment, edifying, and challenging in many ways. Her book will clarify said platform for other people who want to be enlightened about Numerology and Astrology.

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