Grab Your “JET” Pack And Get Ready… Sir JET’s Sizzling Back Into The Music Business

Sir JET needs your help to get new tracks laid down and perform at a club near you. Sir JET brings an image, music and allure all on his own – and it’s tied up with a naughty little bow. Want to help ignite your local club with some PRIDE and sizzle?

This self-described “gender-bending pop singer, author, and model” is set to deliver with a passion for music and as a poster boy for the wilder side.

As Sir Jet explains in his Indiegogo campaign video, he is back because of overwhelming fan support and promises, “It will be fun.” After a break and personal reflection he is back and looking to fulfill his dreams with some big names in the music industry. We’ve got the incredibly talented Mike Gonsolin (Paris Hilton, Limp Bizkit, Snoop Lion) and Nick Nittoli (Bravo’s Platinum Hit).  

What’s in store? He plans to lay down some new tracks, a new video, and give you plenty of chances to experience his showmanship for yourself. Thanks to the crowdsourcing Indiegogo campaign  fans can have their say in which cities and clubs he tours first. That’s right – the US city he tours will be determined by most popular demand. Get in on the action early to have your say.

As Sir JET says, he may have been out of the music scene for a while but none of the creative passion is gone. “The next music video will be nothing less than the artistic and psychological intensity you’ve seen from me in the past.”

Underneath it all, this individual delivers very danceable tracks and true inspiration for those who dance to their own beat. Into the scene or just want to help a talented individual inspire those who want to dance to the beat of their own drum? Get online and help Sir JET in his campaign to raise funds. With your help he will be able to record an all new dance EP, shoot a fantastic video, and venture out on a Club Tour!

Even if you have no funds, just get on your social networks and spread the word on FB and Twitter – it’s going to rock your world.

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