GPS And Location Based Travel Safety Monitoring Service Launched By Intelligent Travel

Businesses and managers still manage the safety of their employees when mobile, working remotely and even travelling for business. Travel Safety Monitoring allows them to do this from just about anywhere.
Managing the safety of individuals when not located within an office or fixed workplace can be challenging. The team at Intelligent Travel have developed a simple, fast and cost effective solution called Travel Safety Monitoring. Using an individual’s existing smartphone they can add users to their location based monitoring system to help companies monitor the safety and wellbeing of their employees, along with monitoring key performance and work activity metrics, from just about anywhere.

Melbourne, Australia – 14 May 2015 – In order to assist businesses provide safe work systems for their mobile, remote or travelling employees, Intelligent Travel recently announced the launch of a new Travel Safety Monitoring service for domestic and international businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Using an individual’s existing smartphone, or integrating with the majority of smartphones on the market, they are able to quickly integrate the user into a centralised safety monitoring platform for individual and management use. They can even monitor speed, falls and reporting in processes, all via the individual’s own phone or that supplied by the company. 

Individual users have far less privacy concerns with this system as they can select, activate and deactive monitoring features or select only specific times in which they are monitored. 

Some of the application for individuals includes:

  • Mobile Workers – Those who are on the move don’t work in an office
  • Business Travellers – For when they need to travel away from the office
  • Lone Workers – Working alone doesn’t mean you can’t be supported
  • Remote Sites – Away from support means you need special safety measures
  • And Many Other Situations…

“Safety management and safe work systems are still required for mobile employees and workers, in exactly the same way in which they are required in physical and static work sites,” commented Tony Ridley, CEO and Founder at Intelligent Travel. “We are now making technology that identifies and monitors the invidual’s actual work activity and movements more affordable and accessible to a wider range of businesses and applicaitons,” he concluded. 

The team at Intelligent Travel beleive it is ideal for business. In particular:

  • Multiple Workplace Sites – Leverage technology to support and monitor the welfare and safety of personnel
  • Contractors – Changing location on a frequent basis doesn’t mean you can’t consistently manage safety
  • Mobile Workforce – Even when people are on the go all day, you can support them and improve your business
  • Isolated Or Individual Work – Working alone doesn’t mean without support. Technology aides management
  • And Many Other Business Scenarios…

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