Got famous by getting Soundcloud followers – Followersandlikes4u Complaint

02.09.2015,USA Hey! I am Austin Riegger 28 years old Musician. Don’t think like I am bragging but now I have a lot of Soundcloud followers but let me tell you an interesting fact that I have purchased only 5k followers. I am using Soundcloud from last five to six years but never had a followers like this and I was so not happy with it and the day I purchased I had 10k only but then I got to know that you can buy Soundcloud followers, for the very first time I didn’t believed it but when my friends told me and showed me the results I was surprised. I asked him about the website and purchased 1500 followers. I was also confused that are these followers real or anyways I will be getting 1500 followers that’s for sure. I was skeptical because there are chances that I may not be satisfied or I they turn out to be a scam.

When it comes to social media website, we compare our self on the basis of likes, fan and followers, people having a million of followers are famous in the real life but the question arises is what about those people who are famous online not offline. How do they get famous? These were some of the questions which arise before going for the followers.

Someone has said it right that it’s never too late unless a very famous DJ from LA seen and heard my stuff and arranged a meeting. He was among one of the followers I purchased. Then I just asked him that how did you find me he replied “I was searching for some new stuff then I saw you on the top and I checked out profile, listened to your stuff and  it’s amazing, so I follow you”. I was speechless at that point of time and then I dropped a thanking mail to the company from where I purchased these followers in reply they claim that they promote the account among the location we select and they delivered the same as well. I am so impressed with their services. The DJ from LA asked me to assist him as he needs one too. I didn’t even thought for a second and said yes out of excitement, the best decision I ever have made. After some time I got a call from a 5 star hotel to be their resident DJ, it’s all like a dream just because of one right decision at the right time and buying Soundcloud follower was a turning point in my life. I want to thank for giving me followers and if you purchase form there you will not get even a single complaint. 

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