Google Releases News Publisher Center To Simplify The Process

Up until a few weeks ago, getting a site listed in Google News has been a very difficult process for many people. The process of getting listed in Google News seemed to have fuzzy quality and submission standards that left a lot of people in the twilight zone when it came to actually finding success.

Now, Google has released Google News Publisher Center that lines up with your Webmaster Tools account with Google, for verification of your site.

When you enter the Publisher Center the various sites that have been verified, along with data that tells you whether you have been listed on Google News or not. When your site becomes listed successfully, with Cloud PBN you will be able to see the details of your site, and a helpful feature called “sections.”

There is actually a section where you can add different areas to your site to display the news that you want to. It’s basically a silo site software program that Google has incorporated into the Google News interface so that you can drag and drop what you want to show in regard to the news that is available. It is nice that Google is finally making it very easy for people to understand what they want, and that they are providing something that is easy to use. If you have ever wanted to have your own news site, this is now the best thing in town.

A great feature of Cloud PBN that marketers will especially like is a new area called, “Add Section.” It allows a webmaster to display a targeted news section as well as allowing the application of a label. This makes it very easy for a news site to have content sectioned off in a proper manner.

The News Publishing Center for Google News is going to be a very big help for those who provide good, newsworthy content that is available for the masses. People are interested in good news that is timely, on topic, and gives fresh content as pertaining to a news story. Having the new update of the Publishing Center and Cloud PBN, just makes it easier for the marketer to accomplish this.

You can just hear the thousands of news junkies who for a long time have been frustrated with Google’s former klunky listing format, shouting in glee as the new Publisher Center takes center stage. Now everyone can operate on a level playing field, and the quality of the news will be the better for it.

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