Google Adwords? New Callout Extensions Give Advertisers More Promotional Room

The majority of business owners are well-aware on how powerful Google AdWords can be? especially if used properly. With the right keywords targeting the right location(s), it can be a beast. While this feature alone can drive a ton of traffic to your site, it recently released a new feature that every advertiser will be thrilled about ? callout extensions. One may visit the site to get more info on the product.

Callout Ad Extensions? What are They?

These callout ad extensions give advertisers a little bit of space to promote their site benefits. It can be free shipping, huge discounts and other promotions that you may have. This means that you no longer have to create a separate advertisement campaign just to showcase your offers. You can do that using the callout ad feature alongside your real ad copy. Visiting the page of will give one a better understanding on the product.

Callout boxes have been proven to be very effective especially in terms of click-through rates. If you?ve been struggling with getting people visit your site with your ?ad copy?, you may want to take your chances with these callout extensions and see how it can benefit your site. Many advertisers have already witnessed a huge improvement in terms of their click-through rates, and so should you. By visiting one can access some crucial info on the IM product.

Advertisers like you can choose from a wide range of ad formats, giving you more flexibility and allowing you to customize your ads the way you wanted them to. With improved click-through rates, you can also expect a significant increase in your return of investment, making it one of the most promising CPC campaign that you could include in your marketing strategies. Visiting the site of can help when choosing a good IM product.

Based on the beta testing done on Google Adwords? callout extensions, these ad extensions have shown great results, which is something that most advertisers have to be excited about. The callout ads have started to roll-out globally a couple of weeks ago, and everyone can enjoy these new features.

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