Golden Nike Mercurial VAPOR2 should be milestone of the Nike Mercurial series

April 16, 2014-China-As one kind of functional product, the application ranges of Mercurials Cleats are very limited as the scope of users and limits of the audience venues. That is to say the soccer cleats would usually circulated within a small range. However, the golden Nike Mercurial VAPOR2 which will be introduced by editor from should be the special one within the football shoe industry. The visibility of this Nike Mercurial VAPOR2 should be absolutely dominating.

Maybe readers already saw enough evaluation and testing article for Nike Hypervenom Phantom VAPOR2. So, the editor from will not repeatedly describe the evaluation and detailed performance of thus Nike Mercurial VAPOR2 with a word. However, all of these evaluations could be simple concluded into one sentence:”This is a pair of better football cleats although there are some ointments on it. The most crucial significance of this should be that this shoe laid a solid foundation for the after Nike Mercurial vapor series.”

The editor said that the Golden VAPOR2 sometimes been called the golden R9 which should be the result of famous Ronnie and his stated R9 logo. Ronnie used this Nike shoe for a very long period of time which should be the strong and enough illustrate for the high performance and success of this Nike gold VAPOR2.

The most features factor of Nike Mercurial VAPOR series should be its odd spikes on the sole of this shoe. The design of these spikes is very special and these parts of shoes also have a very strong continuity and excellent supporting performance. On the other hand, the gripping force and support for sharp turning in the playing process is also very amazing for each football player. But, it seems that there is a particular problem which is that a lot of people could not fully accept of the touch feeling of VAPOR forefoot odd nail. However, this is only the problem of people’s long term habit from the traditional soccer shoes.

If people say that the Nike Mercurial VAPOR gold is a minor miracle in the field of soccer shoes seems a bit excessive, the editor will not accept this attitude. In fact, according to popularity, the golden VAPOR2 could be enough to be discharged into the history five soccer shoes. Another word, this shoe could be regarded as one of the top five classical football boot in the history of football.

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