GoldBox: The innovative new platform for securing the blockchain assets efficiently

Under the influence of the global financial crisis, Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology triggered a wave of innovation that has changed the way people communicate and store value. This technological breakthrough simplifies the reliance on third-party intermediary settlement systems where the chances of error, as well as the cost involved were higher.

Anyone involved in the cryptocurrency market, or anyone who regularly reads the news, must have realized that the value of cryptocurrencies has increased significantly yet the banks have largely failed to take the necessary measures as they do not think cryptocurrencies are real money or assets.

The role of GoldBox:

GoldBox is an intelligent management platform for secure and efficient blockchain assets. It is designed to enable the users to use their blockchain assets to easily realize wealth appreciation and enjoy digital economic results. With GoldBox, the users can collateralize blockchain assets, get cash loans, and earn interest on blockchain assets that they are interested in when lending in the future. Goldbox’s mission is to increase the productivity of digital assets.

GoldBox’s core values:

  • Security: Put safety and privacy first.
  • Innovation: Constant innovation in the value management of digital assets.
  • Compliance: Committed to maintaining compliance with laws and regulations and achieving sustainable growth.
  • Trust: Use honesty and transparency to gain trust of the clients.

GoldBox Vision:

GoldBox believes that in the near future, ownership of all assets will be recorded and transferred within various blockchains. This gradually recognized personal asset provides consumers with more financial freedom in a way that is low in cost, safe, and not tampered with.

GoldBox is a new system that gives a certain value to potential blockchain assets, relieves wealth in physical and social assets, and provides wealth creation.

Who does GoldBox serve?

  • Miners: People who want to avoid the loss of cryptocurrencies that have been dug up due to cash flow or expansion of investment equipment.
  • Traders and investors: Those who hold a cryptocurrency portfolio and want to use leverage to make further investments or increase liquidity.
  • Blockchain practitioners: Quick access to cash without having to go through the rigorous procedures to meet short-term business needs.

GoldBox’s technical advantages:

The GOLD BOX core is a secure platform. It uses bank-level security to ensure the security of all the members’ assets and data. From using multiple factors and multiple identities to encrypt the private key library, it ensures the security of digital assets in GoldBox. The GoldBox platform’s token GOX is an application-based digital asset based on Ethereum’s ERC2.0 protocol to ensure a safer, more efficient operation of the platform.

The platform creates multiple digitally-signed smart contracts on the original blockchain or external blockchain of the collateral, in some cases differently. Any external transfer of collateral, whether liquidating or repaying the borrower, takes place on the blockchain.

The GoldBox platform will be a unique combination of multi-block chain nodes, multiple exchanges and high-end user experience automated transactions. All of this is an intelligent predictive algorithm designed to lower interest rates, mitigate risks for the members, and maintain ecosystem safety and growth.

GoldBox’s product model:

  • Get cash anywhere, anytime, quickly and easily.
  • Borrower Point-to-point payment: fast, low cost
  • Payment institutions through direct remittance networks to achieve direct connectivity and reduce costs
  • Guaranteed funds
  • Distributed ledger: security

GoldBox platform:

  • Consensus bookkeeping: Can’t be tampered with, data is real
  • Each organization has an encrypted account book that can reduce the risk of cyber attacks
  • Credit assets
  • Programmatic access: accurate and efficient
  • Through programmatic access, labor costs are reduced, and property losses caused by mistakes in the payment process are effectively avoided.

So, how does GoldBox work?

The user only needs to go to the GoldBox platform, select the loan terms, and deposit the encrypted asset collateral to get the loan. At the end of the loan period, the user can receive all the encrypted asset collateral as long as they repay the loan. Because the loan is secured by encrypted assets, no credit check is required, so the whole process takes only a few minutes. The GoldBox platform does not require or use any type of credit score check, which is a very important feature.

Cryptocurrency assets are unique, easy to hold, low in transfer costs, and easy to liquidate. So, GoldBox treats them as an excellent asset for basic loans. Therefore, the work done by GoldBox is not just about creating a loan platform, but building a global borderless blockchain financial service ecosystem.

GoldBox is not a lender, not an encryption company, or a traditional organization of loans. What GoldBox is doing is creating a platform that enables those who invest in cryptocurrencies to use their cryptocurrency assets effectively through the GoldBox platform.

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