Gold and Diamonds are Becoming Tradable Digital Tokens

Freetown, Sierra Leone – 9 Oct, 2017 – MagnumLink Ltd. is a company registered with the goal of mine exploration and exploitation internationally and currently holds a valid license for mines that have diamonds and gold in Sierra Leone. Today, driving on the wave of innovative blockchain technologies, MagnumLink decided to create its own blockchain project in which investors and owners of precious minerals can store their valuables in safe storages in exchange for MagnumLink tokens that are freely tradable for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether but also exchangeable for fiat currencies. We call these tokens backed by precious minerals precious tokens. The MagnumLink precious tokens are exchangeable for their underlying value of diamonds or other bank metals.

MagnumLink’s goal is to provide another way for investors of all sizes who were excluded for trading of these valuable assets to be able to buy and sell parts of gold, diamonds or other precious minerals. Each token MagnumLink will issue will be covered by either 1 gram of gold, silver, platinum and palladium or 0.01 carat of a diamond. Each precious mineral will have its own precious token like MLG for gold, MLD for diamonds, MLS for silver and so forth.

The executive officer of MagnumLink Mr. Buiolo stated “We expect great interest from new investors who want to hold our precious tokens but also from affluent individuals who hold bigger quantities of precious minerals and want to be able to hold a digital asset in their e-wallets. This mean that a person who owns a LBMA (standardized gold bar) can both be the owner of the gold bar and have tokens he or she can trade on the digital exchanges. It is like authentic gold certificate 2.0 before Nixon”.

MangumLink has invested considerable amount of resources in preparation for this ICO and not only did it cover the purchasing of mine licenses in Sierra Leone but it also develops a cutting edge technological solution that will allow efficient and stabile trading of precious tokens.

IURII Borysenko, co-founder, expresses his confidence “we are expecting a bright future ahead for our young company, where we have greater diversity of investments and ultimately less volatility in the crypto trading which will love risks. Given our tokens will be backed by precious minerals with intrinsic value we have a solid support levels. Buying our tokens will be a safe haven in crypto investing just like gold and diamonds are in times of turbulence in the old economy.”

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