GoGlove has Launched on Kickstarter

GoGlove gives you control over your smartphone and other mobile devices, right from your fingertips. With patent-pending magnetic technology, you can control your music, camera, GoPro, and even other apps without ever touching your phone. Perfect for skiers, bikers, runners, or even for that busy subway commute. Life has a soundtrack, control yours.

Boston, MA (November 5th, 2014): We are excited and proud to announce the first wearable product in our portfolio, GoGlove. GoGlove is a unique, wearable wireless remote for accessing your mobile device while on the go. The glove itself is a thin liner made of high quality fabric with seamlessly integrated electronics and magnetic sensors. With our patent pending AirTap technology, the glove works even if you wear your outer gloves, without using buttons or conductive materials.

The core of GoGlove is the control module, which is built on Bluetooth LE 4.0 technology for small form factor and outstanding battery life. The module itself can be removed from GoGlove and used as a standalone remote.  The control module can be paired with your Android 4.4+ or iOS 7+ device. Once paired, you can control your music, camera, GoPro® and more. An app will be provided for customization and so new features can be added over time.

“GoGlove was born out of our simple frustration of trying to listen to music while skiing and boarding” says Ben Harris, co-founder of GoGlove. “We loved listening to music on the mountain, but it was impossible to control your device. So we developed a way to control your music while leaving your phone securely in your pocket”.

The GoGlove team has launched a Kickstarter campaign on November 4th to raise initial funds and start large scale production. “We continue to improve and refine GoGlove, and with our unique software architecture, we can continue to improve it after we ship” says Harris. “People who support our campaign now will get a huge discount and get to use the very first production gloves.”

About the GoGlove Team

GoGlove is brought to you by Easier To Use, LLC, a growing startup based in Boston. Started in 2013, our vision is to make wearable devices that can enhance a users experience while not distracting them with technology. We believe every day items can be used more intuitively, and we are designing a range of products to make your experience better.

Visit our website at www.goglove.io, Like us or follow us @ILoveGoGlove.

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