GoForOpen Lunches Fundraiser Campaign On Kickstarter For Their Ninjadapt Project

GoForOpen launches Kickstarter campaign for their Ninjadapt project.

GoForOpen, the company known for designing and manufacturing high quality open source software based application appliance servers, has launched campaign on Kickstarter for Ninjadapt, a lamp-base self-powered phone adapter, the first of its kind in the world. It is uniquely engineered to transform any smartphone into a surveillance camera.

“We are delighted to introduce the innovative Ninjadapt, a groundbreaking phone holder that can transform any standard lamp base into a smartphone power source,” says Frank Fu, the co-founder of GoForOpen. “We provide you a simple and affordable way of turning your old phones into useful surveillance cameras that remains perennially in on mode. Our Kickstarter campaign is aimed at not only raising the funds needed for various aspects of the project but also to get healthy feedback from the community so that we can keep improving the product based on input received.”

The idea of Ninjadapt was born when the team’s chief designer, Hungkang Chang tried to convert an old iPhone into a surveillance camera. The roadblocks and the hassles that came along the way made Chang realize that there is a need to improve upon the design. Many revisions later, the idea of Ninjadapt was born.

The kit comes with three components. They include the power converter for converting AC power that turns on the light bulbs to DC power for charging the smartphone. Universal charging capability is provided through an attached USB port. The second component is the flexible extension bar for positioning the phone and camera in the desired place. The phone holder is the third important component along with the flexible extension bar. The arrangement allows easy rotation and adjustment of the phone’s camera to point precisely in the direction required to maximize security.

Ninjadapt can be fitted in any place where there is an arrangement to plug in a light. It can be held in place securely with a screw. The best part is that users can install a smartphone security app of their choice, place their old phone in the holder and it is ready for use as a stealthy ninja for watching over any place in the home. More applications can be easily created using different accessories. Ninjadapt can be used with various apps

Besides the co-founder Frank Fu who has more than 30 years of experience in hardware and electronics and Chief Designer, Chang who is a consumer electronics specialist, the Ninjadapt team also has Xin Zhang, the ID and mechanism designer, PeiChieh Kao, the marketing professional and Handon Kung who deals with project management.

For the Ninjadapt project, GoForOpen is aiming to raise a sum of $15,000. The deadline for the campaign is 16, September, 2017. The company has announced attractive incentives for the participants in the campaign.

About Ninjadapt:

Ninjadapt is the world’s first lamp-base self-powered phone adapter designed and developed by the team at GoForOpen. The device is designed to transform any old smartphone into a highly effective and user-friendly surveillance camera. It will not only give old phones a new life but also make it easy for users to check in on their home and loved ones.

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