Go Boom ‘The Countdown’ Prepare for Launch

Just when you think it’s all under control…

Miami, Florida (May 29, 2014) — Isamar Publishing House has published the first of the much anticipated book series by Antoine Joachim Delgado branded ‘Go Boom ‘. The first of the series is ‘Go Boom – The Countdown‘, which pokes fun at current world events in the field of entertainment, sports, politics and daily life stories. The book is available in all media format. The first of the series is available for sale now.

As an author who sees the world and all of its content as a work in progress, Antoine tries to convey that message in an entertaining book brimming with sarcasm and parody so that we don’t take him and everything around us so seriously.

Antoine Joachim Delgado was born in Dakar, Senegal where his love of books was fueled by his grandmother of the Cape Verde Island. Stories around a stoking fire were burnt into his memories and there, remained a lifetime. Now he is releasing that passion into his books so that all can enjoy.

He has also release a book of poems, ‘The Rites of Poetry – Passage of Time‘. His writing is raw and carefree and must not be simply read but absorbed. He has a keen talent in the way he writes that will transport you to that exact moment and place where it was created. This is the also the first of the series of ‘The Rites of Poetry’ which is anticipated to change the way poetry is written away from the passive format of the past.

Readers of both series are raving about his work and can’t wait for the next book to hit the shelf.

This writing style is the manifestation of an ‘enfant terrible’ if parody, comedy and sarcasm embraced a perfect storm of words.

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