Global Survey Shows Just How Imperative Trust is When It Comes to Aesthetic Treatments

Everyone wishes to put the brakes on aging. Or at the very least grow old in a healthy and beautiful way. Luckily, nowadays the possibilities are limitless: from diets and exercises to anti-aging medicines and procedures. Probably the best person to hear from regarding this is the widely versatile and a symbol for inspiration that is Meryl Streep. The 63-year old swims about three or four times a week (clocking about 55 laps at a time!) and perhaps one of her most essential weapons is embracing getting older and realizing each day is a gift.

Needless to mention, many people both men and women rely on anti-aging medicines to complement their lifestyle efforts as a step toward a healthier body. And here, just as a 2018 international survey points out – trust in beauty is key, whether it’s related to the products or to the practitioner. The study conducted by global pharmaceutical company Allergan involved over 17,000 male and female respondents aged between 20 and 65 years old from across twelve countries: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Canada and China.

Additionally, the survey also looked at the beliefs and treatment approaches of 360 healthcare professionals who treating people using botulinum toxin and/or dermal fillers on a regular basis, including plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and nurse practitioners.

Nearly 60% of consumers agreed that looking good is very important to them, however only 14% of them spent their time researching facial skin products frequently. This just shows once again how important it is for a consumer to thoroughly do their homework before deciding on a product or procedure. Yet many of us live such busy lives and in all fairness the overflow of information available and contradictory pieces of advice are not making the process any easier. Luckily, hands-on specialists who are always on the lookout for new aesthetic treatments and have a high expertise can offer peace of mind and guidance to anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed.

An impressive 75% of consumers also said that trust is important when considering a botox injection and it is actually ranked higher than in other cases such as getting inked for the first time (72%), getting semi-permanent make-up (66%) or even taking out a mortgage (74%). Hand in hand with these findings, about two-thirds (61%) of healthcare professionals believe trusting the medical aesthetics brand allows them to dependably achieve the greatest results for their patients and at the same time, feel confident they are doing the best they can possibly can (64%).

These findings are more important now than ever as the world finds itself for the first time in history having to face a global aging trend. At the same time, new technologies and innovations across industries including beauty and anti-aging medicines, have an incredible potential to keep bodies healthy and radiant.

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