May 7, 2018 – Global shave club international proudly announces the worldwide release of the JAVA Series of safety razors and wet shaving products. Reseller information can be found at and consumers may purchase the JAVA Series razors and accessories through Amazon and

The JAVA Series offers some unique shaving accessories from No-Kill quality synthetic brushes to unique hand-made organic shave soaps that explode into a lather, to famous 100% natural organic After Shave Moisturizer. JAVA Series razors are breathtakingly beautiful and carry a limited lifetime warranty. The demand for traditional, authentic wet shaving products marks a philosophical change in the general attitude of millennial men globally.

“We wanted to produce a timeless and superior product line, targeted to first-time wet shavers as well as experienced wet shavers, who want the best but also want a superb value proposition. Working with manufacturers from around the world, we helped them upgrade their products into improved designs exclusive to us. The results are items that offer better features, performance, and increased value,” said Sheldon Cwinn, President of Global Shave Club International, while talking about the company’s JAVA and  VINTAGE wet shaving product lines. “We also believe that what we offer should be as beautiful as it is functional. If I didn’t want to use it, I wouldn’t want to sell it.”

“Our razors, accessories, shave soaps, and shave oil, are best of the breed products, and like everything we sell, come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee and carry our Limited Lifetime warranty. If there is any latent defect in a product that we manufacture or distribute, we will replace that product. You can rest assured that when you resell the JAVA Series razors and accessories, you are offering your customers not only products that can endure for generations but also a tremendous value,” he added.

Espresso Razor: 100% authentic, the Espresso is made of 100% Noble Gold Brass. The razor is finely crafted and assembled by the hands of a master craftsman. Espresso features a butterfly design reminiscent of the famous Gillette Super Speed brass editions of the 1940’s. Espresso comes with a display stand and a limited lifetime warranty and retails for under $30.

Americano Razor: The Gillette Black Beauty is one of the most sought-after razors of all times. It has become a collector’s item. Americano reflects the design characteristics of this classic razor. The JAVA Espresso features a butterfly design and construction from solid brass. Beautifully appointed in glistening gold butterfly doors and a chassis and handle of anodized black, Americano is strikingly beautiful and is destined to become an American classic. Americano carries a limited lifetime warranty and retails for under $30.

Sumatra Razor: Inspired by the British Gillette Tech of 1942, the JAVA Sumatra is truly a stunning razor of excellent quality and strong millennial appeal! Adorned by gleaming, anodized black chrome, and contrasting rose gold head, the Sumatra ​is truly authentic and provides an enormous value as the entry-level 3-piece razor of the JAVA Series. Sumatra carries a limited lifetime warranty and retails for under $16.

JAVA Series is available now through Global Shave Clubs International, 1200 McGill College Avenue, Suite 1100, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 4G7.

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