GLITZKOIN CEO Thanks Participants On Successful ICO Completion

Navneet Goenka, CEO of Glitzkoin
14,000 people participated in the Glitzkoin’s ICO and supported its mission to revolutionize the $90 Billion Diamond Industry.

The comprehensive plan for the GLITZKOIN diamond blockchain had enough to inspire, the diamond industry and hardcore crypto space gurus.  As the ICO drew to a close, diamond veteran and CEO Navneet Goenka, thanked the community for their wholehearted support.

Besides substantial financial contributions from a wide spectrum of project supporters, the GLITZKOIN project generated tremendous interest through the bounty program. More than 14,000 bounty program specialists, devoted their time and talents to increase awareness of the GLITZKOIN ICO and blockchain based diamond trading platform.

With the successful completion of the ICO, focus would now center on two major tasks, the first would he the distribution of the GLITZKOIN tokens to contributors and bounty program participants. The second part of the project implementation includes, the setup of the diamond blockchain trading platform.

The essential features of the trading platform have been clearly defined and thoroughly, debated within the diamond industry. CEO Navneet Goenka is confident that the GLITZKOIN diamond blockchain, would be instrumental in improving efficiency and market reach in the diamond industry.  It is no secret that, this happens to be the only diamond blockchain to be headed by an industry veteran.

Keeping the time scale in perspective, the CEO revealed the time element for important milestones. Distribution of tokens to thousands of bounty program participants and project contributors, would be completed by the second week of July 2018.

Documentation and procedures required for crypto exchange listings, are moving ahead smoothly. The date for listing GLITZKOIN tokens on popular exchanges is not expected to go beyond the first week of August 2018. Updates will be provided to the entire GLITZKOIN community in the unlikely case, of the listing being delayed.

While the crypto world is looking for a stable token price behavior, diamond industry specialists are keen to get a look and feel of the blockchain trading platform. With Navneet Goenka an industry insider heading the project, expectations are high. The GLITZKOIN technical team is on the job and first phase testing is scheduled for September 2018.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, view this project as a turning point in the efforts to develop and promote industry specific solutions. Technical expertise will continue to be an important factor but project evaluation, will give more emphasis to the benefits that an industry could harness from these marvelous innovations.

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