Giclee canvas prints is new trend in the industry of canvas printed

Nov 26, 2014 – Xiamen, China – With the popular of the canvas prints dropship, the related printing technology also has very great improvement. The Giclee printing technology is very good example for this. This tech was firstly applied into business purpose in USA. During 2004, Philip auction organization in New York has auctioned off the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz’s Giclee printing photo for about ten thousand dollars. This amazing auction price also brought about the fashionable stream of the high quality Giclee canvas print.

It was not such long period of time for the application of the Giclee technology into the area of oil painting printing. The first user for this technology should be these famous museums which need the repeated exhibition for their valuable oil painting. In order to better protect their valuable genuine oil painting, they will display the high quality canvas prints to replace the original masterpieces. Frankly speaking, the using of high quality Giclee canvas print could help to greatly prevent the original work damages which caused by the repeated display. Furthermore, for these loyalty oil painting lovers who do not have enough money, the high imitated Giclee canvas prints could also be the best choice for them to achieve the dream of collection. The price for this product is very cheap.

According to above description, each people could find that the Giclee printing oil painting contain very huge commercial value. The famous online canvas prints seller said that the total sales volume of the Giclee canvas prints drop shipping could reach to 850 million dollars during this year. However, this value will have greatly increasing in the future.

Nowadays, most of these world famous art museums already applied the Giclee printing oil painting. These famous museum include the Boston Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Washington cocoa Gallery, Paris Louvre art gallery and the British Museum in London and other world renowned museums are selling the Giclee art reproductions. While in China, the Beijing Palace Museum, the national Library of China and other national cultural relic unit began to try the Giclee printing.

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