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If you want to have the latest China News, you can find them at Global Times. They have been delivering accurate and on time China daily news that every citizens can see and read

Global Times is your newspaper online that has been providing lots of news in different angles. The news site mainly uses the universal language, which is the English language. Even non-citizens of China can access the site and read the breaking news happening in the country. Huan Qui Shi Bao is the Chinese name of Global Times that has been offering all kinds of news to everyone.

Global Times is English daily news that has been covering the latest events in China. They have been focusing on China politics, military, society, diplomacy, law, profile, environment, companies, insights and more. The news site does not only cover the mainland China alone but it also covers the events that are happening in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Readers of the huanqui shibao will immediately be informed of the latest happenings inside and outside China.

Since globaltimes site uses the English language, readers around the world are welcome to access the site. They will be able to understand all the news that is being posted by the site. Global Times cover world news, which focuses on the areas of Africa, Middle East, Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, Central and South Asia, Asia and others. They have been delivering the latest news in this countries that will inform the Chinese and foreign readers. In addition, readers can get a hand about politics news, biz news, military news, in-depth news and business news. In addition, globaltimes is a subsidiary off People’s Daily, which is a newspaper group. The People’s Daily has been established in 1993 and was known for their in-depth news.

Since Global Times is a subordinate of People’s Daily, the news site is also popular for bring in-depth news to the public. The news site is also delivering news about Life like food, fashion, travel, family, relationships, celebrity, homes and gardens and fitness. Everything that a reader is looking for a new site is available at Global News. For science and technology lovers, the news site offers precise news about IT, Physics, Energy and more, which they can make as a reference. In Global Times, readers can also have the latest happenings in the world of sports. They have the best sport news in China and worldwide.

Global Times does not only post reliable articles but there are also photos, which the reader can take a glance. If you want to be updated of the latest news happening in China and around the world, subscribe now by contacting the Subscription Dept.

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If you want to visit their office, Global Times is located at The Global Times English Edition, 2 Jintai Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100026, China. In addition, Renmin Ribao is the publishing house of Global Times.

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