Get Slinki to Steam: Game Wall Studios Trying to Bring Indie Game to the Popular Platform and Store

Indie game company seeks help from Steam members to get Slinki available for sale.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, July 01, 2014 – Slinki is a PC game where games get to play as Slinki, a bunny rabbit whose home has fallen in calamity. He’s got a handy weapon though, a bladed metal appendage that replaced his arm. Now he must go into the sickened heart of his once peaceful Wood to end its suffering, slicing and dicing all the way.

The Game Wall Studios, in collaboration with Portuguese development studio Titan Forged Games, has a campaign underway to help their release, Slinki, be chosen for sale on Steam. “After tossing out a previous project, we just wanted to make something cool. And what’s cooler than a rabbit slicing and dicing with a metal blade? Answer: nothing,” says Monteiro, of The Game Wall Studios.

Taking players through the journey to the Wood, Slinki features surreal environments, and an old school vibe coupled with fighting action. Players can fight several forest critters, and try to restore order to the dangerous Wood once more. Try and get a high score – yes, it’s that old school, plus fling Slinki up into the air using that amazing blade. But before the gaming world can fall for this pecuilar handicapable rabbit, Steam members need to vote it onto Steam. Slinki is currently part of Steam Greenlight, the website feature that allows members to decide what games will be picked up for the Steam store. Already the studio has redone several elements of the game based on Steam members’ remarks.

“If you’ve ever dreamed of wreaking havoc as a blade-wielding bunny, and who hasn’t, Slinki is for you,” says Monteiro. This little bunny needs a bit of help in the voting department so everyone can go on an adventure with Slinki. Voting is now available to all Steam members who want to help this rabbit kick a little forest tail.


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