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A software platforms that help businesses automate their marketing and sales efforts,generate more leads, convert sales, and optimize ROI. BoldFish Digital is an Agency partner and can get you the most powerful marketing tool, call us directly or fill out a request form online for more information.

SharpSpring marketing automation is a software platforms that help businesses automate their marketing and sales efforts to generate more leads, convert sales, and optimize your ROI. Marketing automation allows you automate emails, social media posts, track website interactions, and automate many marketing tasks. Marketing Automation allows you to centralize all the features and functions of a marketer’s job within the company. You have the ability to integrate other marketing tools (CRM, meeting software, dynamic forms, etc.) into your marketing plan. This platform allows you to have a central marketing database where you can analyze your data to optimize your marketing efforts.

Large companies have discovered worth in this technology, however marketing automation is not only for large businesses. Actually, small to medium businesses make up the largest growing part in this area at this time. Many businesses even smaller, across all industries, incorporate marketing automation into their marketing campaign. “Business-to-business” (B2B) like high-tech/applications, production, and business service companies were the first to incorporate this.  But progressively businesses across all types – such as “business-to-consumer” (B2C) businesses like financial services, healthcare, entertainment, and even retail are optimizing marketing automation because of its real time engagement. Marketing automation expands the relationship between you and the customer, so you know exactly when to act during the customers buying process.

This is a powerful email marketing tool when utilized correctly, however spamming is a bad practice, in addition, it is detrimental for your marketing and advertising efforts generally. Marketing automation is most effective once you’re using it to deliver customized, relevant content to relevant customers. This in turn, will drive more traffic and convert more leads into sales because you are creating that relationship with the customer at just the right time. To drive more leads into sales, marketing automation uses a variety of tools such as dynamic landing pages, forms, built-in CRM, data reporting, and social media management.

Marketing automation is also a great tool that helps business reach their sales goals. However, those results do not occur without the proper procedures, plan, and strategy in place. Marketing automation is supposed to improve and encourage sales and marketing, NOT develop into a one-size-fits-all replacement. So don’t just sit back and anticipate that automation will just achieve your goals on its own.

Again, marketing automation is valuable because it can drive more leads, convert more sales, and optimize the money you put in.  Marketing automation comes with many advantages including creating higher-valued relationships, generate recurring monthly revenue, and prove the value to your clients.

One of the most important and valuable aspects of marketing automation is simplifying organizational and marketing tasks. It effectively removes repetitive procedures by substituting automatic solutions. This increases productivity as your employees can put an emphasis on tasks which require more rigorous manual attention. A prosperous inbound advertising and marketing campaign will require a variety of assets such as calls-to-action, webpages, and automatic workflows that ties everything together.

Investing in marketing automation does not need to be expensive. The benefits of this tool, properly used, can justify the investment. Once you see your ROI with marketing automation, you can see exactly how this software can benefit your business.

For a business to expand, there needs to be quite a balancing between client retention and customer acquisition. While the possibility of getting new clients is exciting, it also costs much less to maintain your current customers. One effective utilization of marketing automation in making sure customers come back. Marketing automation provides useful insight into both current and future customers. With this info, a growing number of businesses are in a position to “forecast” client wants and needs, allowing you to act appropriately without unnecessary waste of time.

With marketing automation, you have the ability to personalize messages and grow your relationship with every lead. This helps you increase your customers satisfaction which will increase your retention rates as well.

To determine the success of your marketing efforts you can monitor, track, and measure your data. Marketing automation software aids in monitoring marketing expenses but also in tracking responses that are determine by success of failure. Marketing automation provides companies with client information and data that will help serve the target markets. Client acquisition, retention and lead conversion is what marketing automation was built for.

Marketing automation integrates several tasks and channels such as social media, emails, and content advertising. Again, marketing automation simplifies and automates targeted personalized messages. To put it differently, marketing automation makes communicating more powerful. If you automate your advertising, you are able to concentrate more on the quality of your marketing campaigns and tactics. Marketing automation provides your staff the capability to include more personal touches into your effort – by simply collecting data on your leads interests beforehand, you can act more precisely on future offers.

Driving more leads, increase your conversion, and retaining your customers are the key advantages that marketing automation can serve for your business.

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