Get Moving with Airwheel personal transporter Standing electric Self-balancing Scooter

Generally, Airwheel self-balancing scooter is used for commutation. However, due to its special riding mode, it can be applied in physical exercise as well, for riders have to steer the transport via various body movements. Actually, it can help enhance health and improve body condition.

Since Airwheel electric scooter was introduced to the public, it has been generally regarded as a transport for commutation. As a matter of fact, it is more of a self-balancing vehicle that can be used for physical exercise.

Tom is a middle-aged man who has to sit all day long in the office. He was always so busy working that he spent very little time doing exercises. What’s more, the traffic condition was very terrible so he used to be stuck in the traffic jams for a long time every day, which made his backache even worse. His families were very concern about his health, so they bought him an Airwheel self-balancing scooter which could be used as a transport for commutation as well as a tool for exercising. 

At the first sight of Airwheel intelligent scooter, Tom was afraid that he was too old to handle such a transport. There are only two wheels on the vehicle and no such a thing as steering wheel. After going through the user manual, he found out that he had to stand on the board and control the direction through body movements.

So he took a shot and had a trial ride. To begin with, it was a bit difficult for him to get used to the riding mode, which is quite different from driving a car after all. However, with the help of his families, he took up the transport within half an hour. Because Airwheel electric scooter is equipped with large wheel hubs and high-tech intelligent chips, it can fully guarantee his safety, protecting him from any injuries. Gradually, he found it quite fun to steer such a novel transport. Now, he often rides the two-wheeled scooter to work rather than drive his car. To his surprise, his backache starts to ease up bit by bit. 

To lead a healthy and fun life, consumers may consider owning an Airwheel electric scooter and getting moving from now on.

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