Get Broken Teeth Replaced Within 24 Hours

Gone today and back tomorrow – it seems too good to be true if talking about your teeth. It is possible, however. The Teeth-in-a-Day implant system is a revolutionary process that has helped dozens of people who have had accidents causing broken or damaged teeth, or simply unsightly and/or decayed teeth. The Teeth-in-a-Day implant system makes it possible to walk in to a dental practice with missing teeth and walk out the same day with a new set of teeth. Implants are also preferred over more traditional replacement options as they allow patients to eat and speak easier, improving quality of life. Also, any smile is greatly improved with a good-looking set of teeth. The Art of Dentistry is a provider of Teeth-in-a-Day.

The Art of Dentistry is located in Yorkville, Toronto, and is a full service dental practice offering cosmetic, preventative and general dentistry. Principal surgeon Dr. Sol Weiss, a member of The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, specializes in cosmetic dental surgery. He studied at the University of Manitoba where he became a professor of dentistry.

On your initial visit, Dr. Weiss will perform an in-depth examination of your teeth, jawbone structure and gums, removing bad or decayed teeth if necessary, and take all necessary X-rays to ensure there are no potential issues, i.e. sound jawbone structure and no gum disease present. This examination will also include a 3D digital scan of the mouth, and a surgery plan formulated. After completion of all the pre-op requirements, an anesthetic will be administered and four titanium implants* will be implanted directly into the jawbone through the gum. Occasionally on the upper jaw (due to lower bone density) six implants may be used. The fusing time to the bone is extremely quick depending on the patient.

* the number of titanium implants inserted depends entirely on the number of teeth to be replaced, and whether the upper or lower jaw is to be implanted.

The 3D digital scan of your mouth is then sent to a 3D printer (a CAD-CAM system) which will “print” your temporary dentures or bridge using approved dental material. The dentures or bridge is temporally inserted and screwed to the titanium implants, observing that there is no post-operative bleeding of the implant surgery. The temporary denture or bridge, provided as a walk-in walk-out set of teeth, is replaced within approximately eight weeks with a permanent porcelain, perfect looking set of teeth or bridge.

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