Stand out from the crowd with high quality ties, bow ties and socks at an affordable price.

Ties and socks often speak out the loudest about our personality. These two accessories are what people tend to see before they hear us speak, providing an impression about us before we open our mouth. This has brought to view how very important these two accessories can be to our interactions with others and overall dress sense.


“At TIE UP AND SOCKS, we believe that every man should be able to standout from the crowd with high quality, fashionable, stylish, colorful ties and at an affordable price.  Not only are the ties and socks comfortable to wear and touch, they are suitable for many occasions such as business, casual, parties, weddings, and dating. Why be boring?  Stand out from the crowd.  Be bold.”

With the products from TIE UP AND SOCKS you stand out from the crowd and carry a different mien and dominance. Our product’s give you the better feel and are affordable.

We are firm believers in giving back, to help those who are in need to fair better. This has prompted us to structure our business where we are actively using 10% of the proceeds from what you buy, to go toward charity- donating our ties and socks to a good cause. “TIE UP AND SOCKS believes in giving back. So, for every purchase you make we are donating 10% of the proceeds to Their Job Readiness Program is designed to help men prepare for their interview to enter or re-enter the workforce. has helped more than 50,000 men make that critical first impression.  We figure, we have the ties and socks…so it’s a perfect fit.”

Scan through our collection and get a tie that suits your desire.

Our Products

The products available at our collections include; Men’s Ties, Tie Sets, Socks, Bow Ties, Bow Tie Sets and even Wooden Bow Ties. All manners of ties and socks with a variety of colors are available just for you to select from. We even make suggestions as to what socks, ties, and bow ties you can interchange with one another on our website. Scan through our collection and get a tie, bow tie, or pair of socks to stand out.

We also have tutorials on how to tie a tie and a bow tie. We saw this tutorial necessary because many clients after purchasing ties would go along way to look for how to knot them. We want to make it easy for our customers so, we decided to place the video tutorials on how to knot a tie perfectly on the website.

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