Germany: Free Balochistan Movement’s Long March against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and China to reach Berlin on 5th August.

A group of pro-freedom activists from Balochistan started a long march on 16 July from Dusseldorf city of Germany to Berlin, which will reach the German capital on 5, August, 2016 and hold a demonstration outside the parliament.

The exiled pro-freedom leader Hyrbyair Marri had made the call for an international awareness campaign from the platform of ‘Free Balochistan Movement’. Balochistan, an independent country, was occupied by Pakistan after World War Two in the name of Islam. People of Balochistan are called ‘Baloch’ and they reject religion as a form of identity instead they are proud of their national identity and unique culture. 

According to the Free Balochistan Movement, activists have already walked over 500 km in seventeen days to reach Brandenburg city of Germany. They are marching to highlight the ongoing Pakistani state atrocities and human rights violations in Balochistan.

“The purpose of march is to inform the free-born people of the world that there is a war going on in Balochistan but the international community and world media mostly either remains unaware of this war or they are misled by Pakistan state sponsored media into believing that everything is fine. Chinese involvement and their tactical support to the Pakistan Army escalated the human rights violations in our country,” said Abdul Mannan, one of participant in the long march.

China supports Pakistan to achieve its strategic goals in the region. In late 2015, Balochistan’s strategic Gwadar port was handed over to China by Pakistan. Pakistan and China also jointly announced to build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which would link Balochistan with China’s far west province of Xinjian via railway tracks and highways. Gwadar port would allow Chinese to increase their influence over Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.

Pakistan has lately intensified its military incursion against Baloch civilians in different areas of Balochistan to pave the way for CPEC.  Baloch pro-freedom parties and leaders consider the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as the corridor of death and destruction for people of Balochistan. Pakistani state has been committing human rights violations in Balochistan since 1948 when Pakistan occupied the sovereign Baloch state. The long march is an effort by the Europe based Baloch activists to show the other side of the story to the world that Pakistan and its media try to conceals.

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