German-technology UPF 100+ UV-Resistant Outdoor Coat launched on Kickstarter

Skin coat developed with German Ultraviolet Protection fabric and technology offers outdoors enthusiasts UV protection through crowdfunding

A German-technology Ultraviolet protection coat for outdoors enthusiasts is being launched today on Kickstarter. Made with German leading outdoor ultraviolet protection brand’s technology, the Humbgo’s Super Skin Coat has a set of very particular features that make it a unique outdoor coat.

The Humbgo Super Skin Coat is an ultra-light coat woven with an innovative German technology and made of a special fabric that has special dirt protection characteristics, and which has been tested and certified by the German Rudolf Group under the very strict and demanding Ultraviolet Protection Standard.

“As a unique piece of sun protective clothing, the Humbgo Super Skin Coat has been developed to offer a UPF100+ and an Ultraviolet screening rate of 99%,” Rona, coordinator of the crowdfunding campaign, stated.

“Plus, since we also wanted to offer a UV protection experience that goes beyond the upper body, the Humbgo Super Skin Coat comes with an original and patented UV folding protecting mask, that keeps people’s faces protected from excessive UV ray exposure, along with letting their skin breathe through the special ventilation design of the mask and the coat,” Mr. Lin detailed.

Since style is a natural concern of users, the company also said that the Super Skin Coat has been designed to compliment whatever outdoor clothing people wear. The quality of the coat is also reflected on its details, such as the YKK Zipper, which offers this brand’s reliability when it comes to ensuring that a zipper, which is an essential part of a coat such as the one that is now being crowdfunded, does not easily become damaged, rendering the coat unusable.

The creators of the Humbgo Super Skin Coat highlight that it offers a 360º Effective Ultraviolet Protection. “Along with the coat’s features that protect the upper body of its user, its special mask has 2 fittings that its user can adjust to her face, and it also comes with a Velcro closure to allow the coat’s user to be tightly protected from the wind,” Rona further explained.

The mask is detachable and can be stored in the coat’s built-in pouch that has been designed to allow users a fully comfortable experience. Another particular feature of the Humbgo Super Skin Coat is that it has a special UV Testing Photosensitive Label on the sleeve. “Made with a photosensitive material, the label will turn darker or lighter according to the level of UV radiation that people are exposed to,” the crowdfunder added, highlighting that users can effectively and instantly know how much UV radiation the Humbgo Super Skin Coat is blocking and protecting them from.

Humbgo is launching this campaign after its first success story on Kickstarter. The company recently launched the Humbgo XG Jacket, a power-heated waterproof and stain proof winter coat that offers 8 hours of heat, regardless of how cold it may be. The campaign closed successfully, with 134% of the funding goal raised, and is currently in the process of fulfilling the delivery of the rewards to the backers who supported it.

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