German company introduces LED light with fantastic energy saving features

Offers consumers cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting options

Berlin, Germany – Oeegoo is proud to announce their LED tri-proof light designed for all types of interior environment. The energy saving light is designed with modern features including excellent brightness, shock and vibration resistance, water resistance, and durability. The product which is regarded as an excellent substitute for incandescent lights, fluorescent, and halogen consumes 90% less energy, gives out less heat radiation, is entirely silent without flickers, and doesn’t possess mercury or any harmful chemicals.

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“Many years of research have gone into this excellent product, just to ensure that people get the benefit of a new kind of lighting fixtures. The LED is great for all kinds of interior design plans for kitchen, bathroom, living room, or warehouses. It also works well in other sophisticated environments too, making it a perfect substitute, allowing consumers enjoy more of its values,” said Jesse, a representative of Oeegoo.

Oeegoo Tri-proof Light is everything a home owner or interior designer needs to deliver amazing lighting fixtures that will wow visitors. Its features are unbeatable, offering milky white color and made from PC mask and aluminum housing. The most notable feature, however, is its energy saving capacity. Energy saving fixtures like these produce less heat radiation, reduces power bills, saves money, and help in the efforts of protecting the environment.

“I bought the Oeegoo to replace the fluorescent in my kitchen; it is the best decision I have made this year. It is so cool and relaxing, transforming the feel of the atmosphere and bringing peace to my heart anytime I enter. Great product from a great company,” said Ornella D, a customer.

Oeegoo Tri-proof Light is long lasting, giving excellent value for money. It delivers a bright light which reaches full brightness instantly. It is well constructed with ingenious fitting assembly, reduces maintenance and disposal cost, and protects against dust and splash water. The product is certified by CE, RoHS, CB, and ENEC, comes with a two years warranty, and is applicable in bathroom, kitchens, corridor, hospital, school, shop, supermarket, warehouse, stairs, garages, laundry rooms, workshops, and halls, etc.

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Oeegoo is a tech company located in Berlin, Germany. The company offer lighting fixture products that are energy saving, long lasting, and cost-effective. For more information about their product line, please contact 8618768877815,, or visit

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