Gembird Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Get Market Feedback on his A4Tab – A4Dable A4Size Tablet

Gembird is a European manufacturer of computer products. With his new product A4Tab Gembird tries to create a tablet for professionals. A4 paper size is the standard and with A4Tab the documents fit the screen without scaling. Innovative E-printer function allows printing of any document to the tablet. With the Docking Station the tablet can serve as a replacement of desktop or laptop computer. Active high-precision stylus supplied with the tablet facilitates drawing and handwriting.

Gembird tablet has a large 13.3″ screen, A4-size documents can fit this screen entirely without having to be scaled down. Moreover, browsing Internet or watching videos also involves much less zoom and scroll.

What are an E-printer’s functions?
• Connect A4Tab to any PC or MAC and it will be recognized as a printer.
• Print any document afterwards (or send any file using context menu) with wired connection or wirelessly.
• Make remarks on the document on the tablet quickly and easily.
• Send the document back and it would appear on the managing computer with all your changes and notes-automatically.

With the docking station, A4Tab can be transformed into a fully functional desktop PC within a flash. The handle at the back of the docking station can be turned to place the tablet horizontally or vertically. With G-sensor the screen orientation will be automatically adjusted to desktop or landscape mode as users turn the tablet. 

The touch panel of A4Tab is of a very high-resolution. With the active, high-precision stylus it is very convenient to use the big screen for handwriting or drawing purposes.

The tablet uses two cameras (front and rear) to take photos or make Skype calls. The USB connector will allow users to either connect their tablet to a desktop or laptop PC or attach other USB peripherals to the tablet. MicroSD card would allow users to increase the storage capacity of their tablet up to 32GBs.With HDMI connector, they will be able to connect their tablet to a TV set. Earphone connector can be used to attach their favorite headset.

Gembird is ready to arrange mass production. In fact, they do not need crowd-funding money for that purpose. They only wish to know if their product is welcome on the market. They have prepared special crunchy prices for this Kickstarter campaign to make A4Tab especially A4Dable. If they fail to reach the funding goal even with these prices, they would not proceed with manufacturing of this product.

This campaign will only receive funds if at least $20,000USD is raised by its deadline. Funding period: Jun 25 2014 – Jul 25 2014 (30 days). Check out the campaign here

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Phone: 339-203-2841
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