GDMeds, e-Pharmacy is More Than Just Getting Medicine Online

“We can move much faster”, said Vincent, the co-founder of, “In fact, we rejected almost 30% orders due to invalid prescription. We adhere to regulations, we won’t take the way what the offline pharmacies usually do.” Vincent has paid much attention to the processes control, he knew the quality and user experience are the most important thing, he believes grow healthy is prior to grow fast.

As an online pharmacy service, all orders can be tracked by the system. That’s really helpful to track all RX medicines, like HCV, antineoplastic, and etc, go with valid prescriptions. GDMeds required all prescriptions are in typescript or correct handwriting. Especially for foreign patients, the prescription should be in English or with quality translation. GDMeds will check every prescription, and they have a team to take regular review on this again. Traceability is definitely a huge advantage over the offline pharmacy, which supports GDMeds manage the quality of genuine medicines, and manage the delivery to the patient.

GDMeds also invested a lot in user experience improvement. Online pharmacy is not only to offer a new way of shopping, but also a way to improve patient care and health management. In Apr 2018, the new was launched out. Vincent and the team have built-in new communication and tracking functions in the online system, let the customers much easier to contact the service team, and watch the order fulfillment by improving the transparency. They also sharpen the payment settlement, for most foreign customers, they still can use their preferred payment. The payment interface supports VISA, Master Card, PayPal, and even cash on delivery for domestic patients.

Dr. Liya, also a co-founder of, emphasized that take care of the patient needs is not the only target, think of how to effectively work with the partners is another key point. Due to the interstate restriction by India FDA, interstate shipments are not allowed, so shipment through partners in the state is a workable way. As a result, this working model requires GDMeds handle hundreds of partners. Meanwhile, GDMeds works with licensed Exp. & Imp. Partners to handle international business as well. The more partners, the more effort on tracing the quality and fulfillment. Drugs are not an ordinary commodity, rely on the new system, GDMeds could manage every aspect of the supply chain integratedly. They successfully handled 35% business growth with only 10% manpower up in H1 2018.

The pharmacy market is humongous, only in India, estimated by industry to be about Rs 1.2 lakh crore (15.6 billion USD) in size. The online pharmacy market, estimated to be a fraction of that at Rs 700-800 crore (109~125 million USD). But the competition is fierce, there are more than 200 e-pharmacy startups. shall have a long way to go.

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