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The army has never given much freedom to gay military personals and secrecy has always been the norm. In the past, it was thought that gays did not represent the virile image of the manly fighter. Times have finally changed now that the US armed forces openly accept gay soldiers, one can only hope that the military from other countries will follow their example.

Finding contact in a world of prejudices is not easy. Not so with is the only social network where gay members of the armed forces “gay military guys“, firefighters and police officers can meet and spend some great time together. is the leading website in gay military dating and the best services in order to find easy and quick contacts to other people on the internet.

Overcome the fear there is no need to hide anymore, stand up for what you are: Be yourself!

With, gay men in uniform have a unique opportunity to open up, the sites provides contacts to thousands of profiles. There is no discrimination on, only a warm welcome to all gay army lovers. provides gay military singles with the perfect means to meet members of their community. As a member of the armed forces, the firefighters or police squad you too can meet uniformed gays displaying their well-earned stripes. is a community site where you can not only do some private cruising, but also share your professional experiences. Whether you are part of the military, a firefighter or a police officer, you will always have the opportunity to make inter-services contacts and meet new friends.

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