Garcinia Cambogia – The Number One Supplement On The Market. But Isn’t There Something Better Than Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is the most popular weight loss supplement in the world, but is it really so great? Isn’t there something better and even more effective?

Ever since November 2012, when Garcinia Cambogia has been introduced to the world in popular Dr. Oz show, it has become the most searched weight loss supplement on the Internet. Millions of people search for this promising new supplement every month and have trouble to decided whether to give it a try or not. In comparison to other weight loss solutions available, it’s actually really effortless and works on a complete autopilot without any diets or exercises. But can it be even more effective?

Recent studies have shown, that Garcinia Cambogia can be indeed even more effective when combined with a different complementing supplement. So after a few months of testing a whole new supplement package was born and it’s called Trim and Cleanse Kit. This Kit combines the impressive properties of Garcinia Cambogia with detox properties of the new supplement called Healthy Cleanse, which is a really effective detoxifier, which can remove all the poisons from the body and has even more health benefits.

However the recent success of Trim and Cleanse Kit led to many fake copies being available on the market and these copies are cheaper for a reason. First of all, they don’t contain the amounts of Hydroxycitric acid required for effective weight loss, so they most likely aren’t effective at all, plus they are not tested and may cause health complications. Original Trim and Cleanse Kit is safe and thus it’s advised to avoid the fake copies and get the Kit from the official supplier only. This link here leads to the official website –

However, there are some people, who should avoid Garcinia Cambogia. It haven’t been tested on pregnant and nursing women and neither on children, so just in case, these people are advised to not use the supplement or at least discuss it with their doctor first. Same applies for people suffering from heart diseases, considering that faster metabolism means faster heart rate and higher blood pressure.

Everyone who would like to lose weight is probably familiar with Garcinia Cambogia. It’s a pumpkin shaped fruit, which grows naturally in Indonesia and India and is used by natives as a spice, due to its specific sweet-sour taste. Skin of this fruit contains a special compound called Hydroxycitric acid, which is the main component of every Garcinia Cambogia extract.

Hydroxycitric acid, or shortly HCA, was discovered only recently and ever since then, it has completely changed the whole weight loss industry. First of all, HCA inhibits the enzyme called Citrate Lyase, responsible for storing of fat. This way, any eaten sugars will be burned by the metabolism right away and those which won’t, will be simply removed by the body as a waste. This results in higher energy levels and higher production of hormone of happiness called serotonin, so besides weight loss, users of Trim and Cleanse Kit will also experience better moods overall.

However, that’s not all, because HCA also suppresses the appetite, which logically results in lower calorie income. This way, the body is forced to burn the fat, in order to reach its daily calorie requirements. Plus, HCA also helps the body to release the already stored fat much easily, which also helps to make the weight loss even more effective.

Healthy Cleanse supplement is the second part of the Trim and Cleanse Kit, and as its name already suggests, it’s main goal is to release and remove all the toxins stored in the body. These toxins only slow down the metabolism and cause variety of health issues, like headache or fatigue. By removing the toxins, Healthy Cleanse is able to improve the speed of the metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Even though it’s not required to exercise or follow any diet while using Garcinia Cambogia, the results can be even more impressive by following a simple diet and doing cardio exercises from time to time. This way, anyone will be able to lose even 10 pounds a month and not experience any yoyo effect whatsoever.

To sum it up, there indeed is something better than Garcinia Cambogia all by itself. It’s the Trim and Cleanse Kit, which combines Garcinia Cambogia and Healthy Cleanse. Losing weight is effortless, doesn’t require almost any time at all and doesn’t cost a fortune. But the best proof are tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

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