Galith jewelry shop, under Patrick Saada’s mentorship, now offers more varied selection of necklaces

Patrick Saada’s name has long been associated with diamonds, particularly when it comes to diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing. Today, Galith, the jewelry shop which is under Patrick Saada’s tutelage and mentorship, offers a wider variety of necklaces as well.

ISRAEL – Patrick Saada is the renowned founder of the company Infinite Diam, which specializes in diamond trading, mining, and manufacturing. Infinite Diam takes pride in the fact that it is a wholly family-owned enterprise, and this allows it to provide a personalised service to its clients.

But while Infinite Diam is greatly involved in the diamond trading, manufacturing, and mining sector, it is now involved in another notable endeavor: Galith. Galith is an online jewelry shop run by the daughter of Patrick Saada, who is named Galith as well. Galith the jewelry shop was formed by Patrick Saada and his daughter, and while Patrick Saada is involved in mentoring Galith (his daughter), Galith’s jewelry creator and designer is Galith herself. Galith, Patrick Saada’s daughter, is, after all, a fully trained gemologist who acquired her skills in New York’s GIA, so she knows exactly how to create the most beautiful, stunning pieces of diamond jewelry. But Galith the jewelry shop is also known for its unique kind of service, which effectively does away with middlemen. This means that clients who shop at Galith are able to acquire high-quality diamond jewelry at more reasonable prices.

Galith the shop, under the mentorship and guidance of Patrick Saada, now has a steadily growing customer base. And today, Galith has added to its many offerings with a more varied selection of necklaces. The necklaces are expertly crafted with style, elegance, and beauty in mind. The selection includes unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. One of these pieces is the solo baguette bar necklace, which is comprised of a diamond and gold bar in 18k gold. Customers can additionally choose whether they prefer yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Another beautiful diamond necklace in the selection is the bar with a hanging pear, which is a gorgeous 18k gold necklace with a pear-shaped diamond and diamond pave.

There are many other necklaces available at the Galith website, along with rings, bracelets, and earrings, and those who are looking for custom diamond engagement rings can also take advantage of the customized service offered by Galith.  

About the company:

Patrick Saada remains one of the most respected names in the diamond trading, mining, and manufacturing industry.He is the founder of Infinite Diam, and he is known for his expertise and experience in diamonds. Today, Patrick Saada operates various firms involved in the diamond industry. For more information on his work, visit the website.

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