Future Investor Clubs of America Offering Business and Financial Training Summer Camps for Kids and Teens Around the United States

One-Five Week-Long Summer Camps Helps Students Understand How to Manage Finances and How to Invest Properly

Orlando – June 8, 2018 – The Future Investor Clubs of America (FICA) is promoting its 21st Annual business and financial training summer camps for kids and teens that help them to learn about finances and what they can do when investing.  These awesome summer camps for kids and teens include classroom training, financial field trips and other special events that are all about teaching students how to use and invest money responsibly.

The FICA organization believes that for people to learn about investing and how to be responsible and successful in the field, it is important to teach people at an early age.  It is because of this philosophy that FICA is promoting its internationally famous investing summer camps for kids and teens from 8 to 19 years of age.

FICA has camps around the United States. These include camps around Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Seattle, San Francisco and New York among other places.

Each week-long camp is held at a prominent university in the city of one’s choosing. These include universities like Georgetown University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Some regions also have more extensive two or five-week camps.

The curriculum offered at these kids and teens investing camps covers many aspects about finances. Kids can learn about how many types of investments work, including mutual funds and annuities. Advanced training then follows with a look at commodity markets among other high-value points.

The extensive arrangement of points covered in the studies offered by FICA is vital for helping kids to know how money works and how they can invest in their funds. The details will help them to become financially responsible. This may also work well for kids who might be interested in having their own business ventures in the future. The support provided by the program is extensive and helps kids to learn more about what makes the investing field so valuable and effective for entering careers in financial services.

Students can also visit many banks, stock brokerages, insurance companies, financial centers and business districts around the places their camps are located. These awesome daily field trips provide students with firsthand knowledge about the things that go into working in financial services and how vital they can be in many forms.

Parents can sign their kids up for access to these finance summer camps for kids and teens ficacamps.com. Students can become FICA Members and camp registrations are available nationwide.   Room and board options are also available.  Seating is limited to only 12 students per class.

For more information, visit: www.ficacamps.com

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